Matthew Ely is an educated gemmologist and jeweller. His artisan endowment was recognised from an early age through a series of prominent awards. Matthew has won Showcase, World Skills, the prestigious Diamond Guild Award and most recently a double award winner at the Jewellery Design Awards.

His passion and comprehensive understanding for Gems and Diamonds has had him travelling the world sourcing unique pieces for his creations. Matthew works from the point of view that the personal relationship and engagement with his clients is everything when creating unique luxury jewels. Matthew possesses the expertise, comprehensive knowledge and access to source some of the rarest gems. This has translated into a supreme bespoke service for the most determined client.

Matthew draws inspiration for his bespoke collections and fine jewellery from architecture, art and the natural beauty of each gem.

Matthew’s wildest dreams have been brought to life in his boutique, creating a jewellery wonderland. From the accessible and every day through to high jewellery and ultra-rare gems, every piece has been handcrafted or selected by Matthew. The boutique showcases diamonds, pearls, argyle pinks and fancy gems of the rarest and most beautiful in the world.