We could all do with a bit of extra ‘sparkle’ right now.

For world-renowed artisan and self-confessed ‘mad creative’, Matthew Ely, lockdown has meant shutting the doors to his iconic Queen St boutique.

But while the lights may be off, this veritable wonderland of jewels hasn’t lost any luster and virtual client consultations have become the new trend – from engagement and wedding rings to custom made statement pieces and heirloom restorations.

“Isolation has driven us all a little insane; but it’s also given me the time to really be innovative and create some iconic, one-off pieces.

International trends have a role to play, but what really inspires the final artwork – the soul of the piece – is the quality of the jewel.”

So, what can we expect to see in late 2021/22?

1. Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamonds are rarer and more valuable than ever before, with the 2020 closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Western Australia. In operation for 37 years, this mine was responsible for 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, not to mention the most vivid and high-quality stones in existence.

This marks the end of an era, with Argyle Pinks cementing their status as investment pieces and collectors’ items.


2. South Sea Pearls

Exuding elegance and eternal simplicity, the classic pearl has undergone a modern resurgence, with unique styles replacing classic strands as the sartorial trend for 2021.

South Sea Pearls are renowned for their exceptional quality, larger size and crisp lustre, making them spectacular centrepieces for statement jewellery.

Of particular interest in recent years has been the remarkable Keshi Pearl. These unique beauties are “natures accidents”, formed by chance as by-products of pearl cultivation. Made of nothing but pure nacre, Keshi Pearls shimmer and shine with remarkable lustre; their irregular shapes and sizes making for truly individual jewellery.

3. Statement Rings

Making a statement is the name of the game for Spring/Summer 2021/22. And who could blame us after two years spent in on-and-off lockdown?

From diamond to tourmaline, emerald and sapphire, bright and bold statement rings are here to make their mark.


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