No longer a ‘fashion accessory’, this season is all about making a bright, bold statement – with Zoom calls heralding a new era of eye-catching jewellery that was truly made for camera.

Across the globe, studies have shown a massive spike in Google searches and sales of “statement” pieces – oversized drop earrings, attention-grabbing brooches, and unique, handmade pendants.

It’s all about what you see from the waist up. And as designer outfits and heels are replaced by yoga pants and trainers, statement jewellery is the ultimate creative outlet; a symbol of individuality.

The trend looks likely to continue in 2021 and beyond, with lockdown orders still in place, and a whopping 80% of Australian companies that permit employees to work remotely expecting this practice to continue long-term.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favourite ‘statement selects’ from the Matthew Ely collection.

For a more individual approach, our custom made jewellery allows you to be involved in the creative process from beginning to end, designing a piece that’s perfect for you, or for someone simply perfect.


1. Rubellite & Diamond Art Deco Earrings

These 18ct white gold Art Deco style earrings feature 2 cushion cut rubellites, weighing 11.39ct. They are pave set with brilliant cut diamonds, weighing a total 0.85ct, including a dangling kite-shaped feature.

Ranging from dark pink to bold red, rubellite is the name given to the most brilliant and colour saturated stones from the tourmaline family. It is believed to offer vitality, strength, energy and motivation… just what you need for a long Zoom meeting!


2. Art Deco Tourmaline & Pearl Brooch/Pendant

Jewellery doesn’t get more eye-catching than this 18ct white gold, handmade Art Deco Pearl and Tourmaline necklace. The detachable brooch features a 24.34ct bi-colour tourmaline, surrounded by a halo of colour-fade sapphires, plus a total 128 white diamonds.

The brooch attaches to a double strand of  white South Sea Pearls. Exuding elegance, the classic pearl has undergone a modern resurgence, with unique styles replacing classic strands as the sartorial lockdown trend.


3. Asymmetrical Spinel Earrings

The ultimate conversation starter, these 18ct white gold, orange and blue spinel earrings feature diamonds, rubies and sapphires in their asymmetrical design.

There are 2 cushion cut spinels (weighing 5.99ct), 7 rubies (weighing 1.33ct) and 8 sapphires (weighing 1.61ct).

A total 21 diamonds add that little extra sparkle – 4 Marquise, 2 pear shaped and 15 round brilliant cut.


4. Tanzanite, Sapphire & Chalcedony Drop Earrings

These 18ct white gold earrings are handcrafted with two emerald-cut tanzanite gems, two chalcedony drops and 24 round sapphires.

The official birthstone of December, tanzanite is the blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite. It is remarkably rare, with the only known source being a 5km strip of land near Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania.


5. Morganite & Diamond Art Deco Earrings

Inspired by a winter icicle, melting away in the spring, these 18ct white gold morganite and diamond earrings will sparkle with your every (virtual) move.

The earrings are set with two 10.43ct cushion-cut morganites, two kite-shaped diamonds, and a total 100 round brilliant cut diamonds.

Fun fact for your virtual call: Morganite was given its name in 1911 in honour of banker J.P. Morgan, who was also a famous gemstone collector.


6. Baroque South Sea Pearl, Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant

The perfect blend of classic elegance and modern sparkle, this 18ct white gold pendant features a 2.61ct aquamarine and single silver Baroque pearl, with 0.61cts of graduating round brilliant cut diamonds.

A modern alternative to the classic pearl, the organic shape of baroque gems make them spectacular centrepieces for statement jewellery. Every baroque pearl is unique in shape and size.


7. Onyx, Tourmaline & Diamond Drop Earrings

A taste of Parisian glamour, these hand carved 18ct white gold, onyx, diamond and green tourmaline drop earrings were crafted in France by Matthew Ely designer, Louis.

They are truly one of a kind (and the perfect virtual conversation starter!)

Onyx is the birthstone for the month of December, and is traditionally given on the 7th and 10th wedding anniversary.


8. White & Rose Gold Flower Pendant

For something a little more understated (although no less eye-catching), this 18ct white and rose gold flower pendant features one Argyle Pink diamond, surrounded by 60 white round brilliant cut diamonds.

Zoom conversation starter: Argyle Pink Diamonds are rarer and more valuable than ever before, with the 2020 closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Western Australia. In operation for 27 years, the mine was responsible for 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, not to mention the most vivid and high-quality stones in existence.


9. Blue Sapphire, Black Diamond & Pearl Earrings

A timeless design of blue sapphire and black diamond twists, finished with a classic South Sea Pearl.

Exuding elegance and eternal simplicity, the classic pearl has undergone a modern resurgence, with unique styles replacing classic strands as the sartorial (virtual) trend for 2021.


10. Strand of Silver Pearls

Exuding elegance, this strand of silver pearls is a true classic – although no less eye-catching on camera!

It is made up of A total 141 silver pearls, each measuring 8mm.


Coming Soon…


Dedicated lockdown creations, these unique pieces are currently being handcrafted and will be available soon.


Orchid & Morganite Drop Earrings

Just in time for spring, these sparkling orchid earrings are being handcrafted in lockdown by our remarkable jeweller, Velvet.

A 19.55ct pair of drop-shaped morganites will hang from an enamelled orchid, with a sparkling diamond halo and marquise-shaped tourmaline ‘stem’.

As the sketch shows, these earrings are truly one-of-a-kind.


Lightning Ridge Opal & Diamond Pendant

A remarkably rare 25.10ct opal from Lightning Ridge is surrounded by a halo of diamonds in this stunning pendant.

The birthstone of October (*hint hint* for those with an upcoming lockdown birthday), this piece is currently being handcrafted and will soon be available in store.

A true kaleidoscope of colour, opal contains every hue in the spectrum – from deep clear blue to iridescent green, burnt orange and vivid yellow. The combinations and patterns are infinite, changing with every slight movement of the stone (and your camera).

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