Quite a few months ago I started the thought process for my next competition piece. These designs can be quite intricate and involved as there needs to be a strong focus on expressing your style as a designer/jeweller, while impressing the judges with craftsmanship, skill, design and innovation. After winning the fancy colour award in the last DGA Awards the pressure is on! This year I designed and hand crafted a luxury statement piece named Chantilly and have entered her into the Red Carpet division.

The inspiration for this piece came from my desire to create an ‘in between’ the finger ring, and what first started out as just that, now transforms into a pendant. For me it’s all about diversity and jewellery that suits all occasions. I haven’t seen anything quite like this combination or the way I envisioned it being put together and am excited to show it to you all. Chantilly is crafted in rose and white gold, set with rare Argyle pink and blue diamonds and was designed and hand crafted on site at my Woollahra boutique.

Colour is something that I love to work with and I’m thankful to once again have the opportunity to collaborate with my friend Steve Der Bedrossian for the second time in a row. Steve has provided the incredible selection of pink and blue diamonds which have been meticulously set into Chantilly. I hope you enjoy it!

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