Onyx, Tourmaline & Diamond Earrings

A taste of Parisian glamour, these hand carved 18ct white gold, onyx, diamond and green tourmaline drop earrings were crafted in France by Matthew Ely designer, Louis.

The earrings contain six pear shaped diamonds (weighing 1.31ct), custom-cut black onyx, two emerald cut mint tourmalines (weighing 4.09ct), and two kite-shaped diamonds (weighing 0.40ct). Total item weight is 9.2g.

Onyx is the birthstone for the month of December, and is traditionally given on the 7th and 10th wedding anniversary.


Ruby & Diamond Bracelet

Celebrating the birthstone of July, this 18ct white gold bracelet contains 152 individual rubies, weighing 54.61cts. We’ve added 266 diamonds – a total 2.45ct – for that extra final sparkle!

Rubies are a traditional gift for 15th or 40th wedding anniversaries.

Diamond, Sapphire & Pearl Drop Earrings

Simply the best kind of flowers – timeless and everlasting, with a little extra sparkle.

These 18ct white gold, diamond, blue sapphire and pearl drop earrings feature two rose cut diamonds weighing 0.062ct, two 13mm South Sea Pearls and 98 round sapphires, weighing 1.43ct.


Tourmaline & Diamond Dress Ring

Sourced from the Afghan mines, this exquisite mint green tourmaline is a natural work of art. Its brightness is further emphasised in this Matthew Ely Original cluster ring; a shining 4.27ct centrepiece (9.10×9.10mm) surrounded by 22 0.7ct diamonds. The perfect shield.

Tourmaline can be found in a wide variety of colours – from green to blue, black, pink and red, each variety with a different name. The top green tourmaline discoveries of late are those from Afghan mines. These Afghan tourmalines have a higher degree of transparency, coupled with lighter tones, which can make them very bright and lively once set.

Pink Diamond Cluster Ring

This handmade white and rose gold, pink and white diamond cluster ring contains one Argyle Pink radiant cut diamond weighing 0.48ct, two pink pear-shape diamonds weighing 0.14ct and 12 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.24ct. There are 42 white diamond rounds, emerald cuts and tapered diamonds, weighing a total of 1.56ct.

Argyle Pink Diamonds are rarer and more valuable than ever before, with the 2020 closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Western Australia. In operation for 37 years, the mine was responsible for 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, not to mention the most vivid and high-quality stones in existence. They are true investment pieces.


Platinum Sapphire & Diamond Ring

A one-of-a-kind ring for someone truly ‘one of a kind’. This sparkling blue beauty was handcrafted in store from a 4.16ct oval sapphire and two 0.8ct shield-shaped diamonds, with a highly detailed diamond setting. It is on display now, waiting for the perfect match.

Sapphire is a variety of corondum, a mineral which comes in all colours of the rainbow. The red variety is called ruby and all other colours are sapphire.

Eternity Rings

There’s something extra special about an Eternity Ring. Whether it’s an anniversary gift or a simple reminder of how much you care, these bands of 18 identically cut diamonds are a symbol of the everlasting, whether they’re worn on the left hand or the right.

Top: Platinum full circle round brilliant cut eternity ring wedding band, containing 18 3.3mm round brilliant cut diamonds. Total diamond weight is 3.01ct.

Bottom: Platinum full circle emerald cut eternity ring wedding band, containing 18 emerald cut diamonds. Total diamond weight is 6.82ct.


Diamond Pavé
Signet Ring

Why have one diamond when you could have… 75?

This 18ct White Gold Pave Signet Ring (containing, yes, 75 individual diamonds) has ‘yes’ written all over it.

Each of these diamonds is a 1.8mm round brilliant cut weighing 1.69ct.

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