Get To Know May’s Birthstone; The Emerald

4 May 2017

Known for its extraordinary green colour, the Emerald symbolises wisdom, faith and love. With green representing harmony, balance, growth and hope, the emerald is said to rejuvenate and nurture the wearer.

Emeralds are an increasingly popular stone, best accompanied by complementary diamonds, yellow or white gold. This show shopping gem possesses an innate elegance and can be designed for an everyday piece, like a drop earring or to showcase a stunning statement piece, similar to our Art Deco ring.

Like the much-loved diamond, an Emeralds cut is just as crucial, because it helps to amplify the desirable green colour. You can find more information about “Cut” in our Diamond buying guide.

Taking inspiration from its vivid colour and vibrant nature, some of our favourite creations include:

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