It’s the biggest and most important “jewellery commitment” you’ll ever make. 
Discover the perfect engagement and wedding rings, uniquely handcrafted and custom designed just for you.

Choosing a Ring

There’s no piece of jewellery more deeply personal than a wedding ring. A symbol of love; a reflection of style. It is truly timeless, and truly unique to the individual.

While “diamonds are forever” as the saying goes, traditional diamond wedding rings are by no means the only available option, nor the only choice to make.

Colour, cut, clarity and carat are the four big considerations, alongside the ‘standard’ either/ors that make a ring (and a bride or groom) unique. Classic or modern? Trendy or timeless? Understated or bold? A brand-new custom made wedding ring or engagement ring with gemstones sourced from across the globe, or a wedding ring restoration of an old family heirloom?

Start your journey by booking a private consultation.


Custom Made Wedding Rings

It starts with a private consultation. While sipping champagne in our luxury boutique, you’ll work directly with Matthew to transform the ‘perfect’ wedding jewellery from your imagination onto paper.

Together, you’ll discuss and select a style, stones, shape, cut and personal touches that will best suit your partner. After all, no one know knows them as well as you do… although a little in-store inspiration can go a long way!

Matthew and his team will draft detailed sketches of the piece so you can clearly visualise the final product – whether it’s a diamond engagement ring, a men’s or women’s wedding ring, a wedding tiara, or another piece of custom made wedding jewellery.

Every piece is handcrafted by Matthew; each diamond and gem individually sourced polished and placed, with its own story to tell. You’ll be kept up to date every step of the way, so the final product will exactly match what you envisioned.

This piece will be presented alongside original sketches, certificates, and photographs of your piece being designed in store. The ultimate keepsake for an everlasting love.

Engagement Rings

Wedding Rings