Bespoke Engagement Rings

17 September 2015

  • bespoke engagement rings - blog cover photo featuring the development of an engagement ring

Lately I’ve found myself designing and crafting more and more bespoke engagement rings for the couple who like something a little unique. It’s great to see some personality coming through with these designs!

At the moment engagement rings seem to have steered away from the traditional round solitaire and are moving towards different shaped diamonds like ovals, cushions and marquise, set a little differently between shoulder stones and diamond halos. Even just a little hidden detail in the side of the setting or up underneath it can take a design to the next level.

I’ve also had the pleasure of crafting quite a few coloured gemstone engagement rings recently using aquamarine, sapphire and morganite. Highlighting these gems with incredible white diamonds really brings out the colour intensity and allows them to shine.

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