Valued for their exquisite beauty and timeless grace, Argyle Pink Diamonds are among the most sought after gemstones in the world. They are now rarer and more valuable than ever before, following the 2020 closure of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine in Western Australia. In operation for 37 years, this mine was responsible for 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, not to mention the most vivid and high-quality stones in existence.

Since 1985, the Argyle Mine has held a highly prestigious and exclusive annual event, known as the Argyle Diamond tender, to sell their most exceptional and desirable diamonds for that year. The Tender is an invitation-only event for specially selected diamantaires, custom jewellers and collectors.

In addition to the below pieces, a range of individual jewels are also available in store. These were secured by Matthew from some of the very last official Argyle Pink Diamond Tenders. They are true collectors’ items.

‘Ballare’ Argyle Pink Diamond Ring

Reminiscent of a ballerina’s tutu while in motion, this 18ct rose and white gold ring was a Winner at the 2019 Australian Jewellery Awards.

It features a centrepiece round brilliant cut Argyle Pink Diamond, weighing 0.49ct, surrounded by 10 smaller round brilliant cut Argyle Pink Diamonds. The outer cluster is set with pear-shape white diamonds, weighing 0.58ct. The ring is pave set with graduating round brilliant cut white diamonds.

The total pink diamond weight is 0.98ct and total white diamond weight is 1.35ct. The piece weighs 8.5 grams.


Argyle Pink Diamond Double Halo Pendant

This 18ct white and rose gold pendant and chain set features one Argyle Pink 6PR (pink rose) round brilliant cut diamond, weighing 0.20ct, surrounded by 11 round brilliant cut pink diamonds, weighing 0.153ct.

The pendant contains one 0.105ct kite-shaped white diamond, and 60 round brilliant cut white diamonds, weighing 0.28ct. The piece weighs a total 6.115 grams.

Rose & White Gold Pink Diamond Ring

This 18ct rose and white gold ring features a 1.20ct oval cut white diamond surrounded by a fancy double halo of 28x round brilliant cut pink diamonds, weighing 0.47ct, and 37x round brilliant cut white diamonds, weighing 1.77ct. There are 4 marquise cut white diamonds, weighing 0.56ct. The ring weighs 12.9 grams.


Pink & White Diamond Flower Pendant

This 18ct white and rose gold pendant features one Argyle Pink 4PP (purplish pink), round brilliant cut diamond, weighing 0.045ct. It is surrounded by 60 white, round brilliant cut diamonds, weighing a total 0.34ct.


Pink Diamond Cluster Ring

This handmade white and rose gold, pink and white diamond cluster ring contains one Argyle Pink radiant cut diamond weighing 0.48ct, two pink pear-shape diamonds weighing 0.14ct and 12 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.24ct. There are 42 white diamond rounds, emerald cuts and tapered diamonds, weighing a total of 1.56ct.


Rose Gold & Diamond Halo Pendant

This 18ct rose gold diamond halo pendant contains one 0.31ct round brilliant cut diamond, surrounded by 12x 0.18ct Argyle Pink Diamonds. The pendant is set on a 45cm, 18ct rose gold, 0.9mm trace chain.