Walk into the boutique and enter a world of creative energy. The boutique is set out to be a relaxed and luxurious space. All of Matthew’s creations start with a sketch, the simple art of putting pencil to paper. This may be inspired by a number of things, most commonly the client. I make jewellery for my client and how they wear and what brings them joy is always at the front of my mind. Jewellery brings with it emotion. A special occasion, the marking of love in a relationship or because you’re worth it. 

With all of this in mind, it simply starts with a sketch, an idea transformed onto paper.

Matthews boutique, a jewellery wonderland. From the accessible and every day through to high jewellery and ultra-rare gems, every piece has been handcrafted or selected by Matthew. The boutique showcases Diamonds, pearls, argyle pinks and fancy gems of the rarest and most beautiful in the world. 

We cannot wait to introduce you to a truly special, world-class jewellery experience.


Within the world of fine jewellery, Matthew Ely is one of the world’s leading craftsman and designers, having been recognised and awarded in Australia and abroad. 

At the heart of every bespoke creation is a consultation and sketching by Matthew to bring a clients dream to life. From here every detail and gem is handpicked, crafted and polished to create something timeless. 

Whether a new creation or rebirth of a family treasure, Matthew’s personal touch and expertise promise a truly unique and intimate experience.


About Matthew

Matthew Ely is an educated gemmologist and jeweller. His artisan endowment was recognised from an early age through a series of prominent awards. Matthew has won Showcase, World Skills and most recently the prestigious Diamond Guild Award.