When gemmologists refer to a diamond’s colour, they are actually referring to its lack of colour or grading of “whiteness”. As a general rule of thumb, the less colour in a white diamond the higher its value. After cut, colour is considered the second most important characteristic in determining a diamond’s value. The GIA uses a grading system to determine a diamond’s colour, from D (colourless, highest possible) through to Z (light in colour, lowest possible). Fancy coloured diamonds (e.g. pinks, blues, yellows) are graded using a different scale.

GIA Diamond Colour Scale


Choosing A Colour

  • The colour of a diamond is a Image_DiamondSelection_Colour_2uniquely personal decision, those who desire the clearest diamonds of the highest quality are best suited looking for diamonds with a colour grade of D-F that contain no noticeable colour.
  • Those looking for a more affordable choice may choose to select a diamond that is near colour-less with a grade of G-H.