Engagement Ring Trend: Mixed Metal

20 June 2017

While the history and aesthetic choices of the engagement ring have been classic, many modern women are gravitating toward non-traditional styles that reflect their aesthetic preferences.

This has been seen with future brides opting for coloured gems as opposed to classic diamonds, double halos instead of single solitaires and in this instance – combining a variety of metals into one ring.

The age old “rule” of not mixing yellow or white gold has slowly started to fade away, as a number of people flock to this trend to highlight their love for unique jewellery – creating a ring that’s truly right for them. 

The theory behind the mixed metal engagement ring trend is to produce a more vivid contrast between the feature diamond and the band, allowing it to appear more brilliant.

Aside from brilliance, a great tip to keep in mind when designing or purchasing a ring that features more than one metal, is how the metal used in the diamond setting affects the overall appearance. Setting diamonds in white gold or platinum tends to make then appear one colour grade higher i.e. more sparkly, while a yellow or rose gold has the opposite effect.

There are plenty of ways to mix metals: for a subtle touch, try highlighting your halo with rose gold or use contrasting prongs to highlight your centre stone. For a more statement, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, try showcasing a coloured gem using mixed metals for the band and diamond setting.

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The Rare Gem That Women Everywhere Are Coveting

14 June 2017

Inspired by tradition, trends and personal preference, there is always a gem (or metal) that’s on the lips of women everywhere. While some experts look to the runways and catwalks for guidance, we’ve been exposed to buying habit’s firsthand due to our boutique.

At one point, Rose Gold had stolen the hearts of women everywhere, soon after it was the fine jewellery Minimal pieces, however this year we’re predicting the rise of a semi-precious stone, Morganite.

Many are drawn in by the gem’s divine pink hues from salmon to peachy tones, but it’s the rarity of the Morganite that has jewellery enthusiasts worldwide coveting a piece.

Universally flattering, it’s pink and rose warm overtones make Morganite an increasingly preferred gem for everyday essentials, bridal jewellery, cocktail pieces and engagement rings.

Colour is a crucial factor when determining the quality of your Morganite. As the true pink hues are of considerably higher demand, the limited availability of the stone can result in a higher price. It is important to note that Morganite is often heat treated naturally to enhance the vibrancy, continuing the process that occurs naturally before they’re mined.

Cut is also important to consider when choosing and determing the quality of your Morganite. As the stone has a distinct colour spread, certain areas need to be cut specifically to achieve the most desirable vibrancy. A skillful cutter will be able to cut facets and proportions to encourage the greatest brilliance out of the stone.

Want to learn more about this exquisite gemstone? Contact the boutique and a member of our team will be able to talk you through the details of the gorgeous Morganite.

How To Choose The Perfect Pearl

7 June 2017

Due to so many imitation pearls flooding the market, there is often confusion on how to source or purchase a high quality pearl. It’s essential to understand the various elements that make up beautiful pearls, from their size and lustre to their rarity and maintenance.

How do you buy a high quality pearl?

One of the first things to consider when choosing the perfect pearl is its surface, size, shape and lustre. The fewer blemishes a pearl has, the more expensive and higher in value it will be.

Pearls can take extensive amounts of time to grow to a large size, with the Australian South Sea Pearl taking over 2-3 years to grow. Not surprisingly, we do tend to find that bigger pearls are of higher value due to their rarity.

The shape of a pearl is another element that determines its quality, the more symmetrical the pearl, the more valuable it will usually be. However, keep in mind that two pearls of different sizes may be valued the same if the smaller pearl is more in proportion.

When referring to the ‘lustre’ of a pearl, we are evaluating its ability to divert light. By simply observing a pearl from different angles it will allow you to see how bright the rainbow reflections shine. The higher the pearls lustre, the higher the value. Be sure to tilt your pearl in to the light to witness the incredible reflections.

Are pearls a popular choice for 2017?

Pearls are increasing in popularity as people are choosing to wear them in a more modern and non-traditional jewellery settings. They’re often considered a classic piece, however, I’m currently working with pearls in a more unusual way like these stud drop earrings.

Are pearls durable?

In contrast to diamonds, pearls are not as durable due to their organic material. If used in an engagement ring, a pearl would require consistent care in order to preserve its natural lustre and colour. A pearl is generally not recommended in an engagement ring setting as it’s more likely to scratch and may tend to get caught on objects during daily tasks. We tend to find that pearls work best as modernised heirloom pieces or delicate bridal jewellery.

Should you consider the rarity?

Their large size, limited culturing area and extended growth period make South Sea Pearls the rarest of them all. These incredible pearls make up a relatively scarce percentage of the world’s pearls as they are found and not farmed.

Tahitian Pearls are considered to be the second most valuable commercially farmed pearls in the world. Naturally developing their dark colour, they are famous for their grey and black hues, however the real stand out feature of these pearls comes from their incredible array of iridescent colours.

Today, natural pearls are becoming incredibly rare, with an estimated 1 in 10,000 wild oysters growing a pearl and only a slight percentage deliver the desired surface, size, shape and lustre.

Are they difficult to work with and maintain?

Any expert gemologist should be trained and equipped to work with delicate materials. It’s important to keep in mind that pearls are organic, so it’s essential to maintain proper cleaning and care to keep them beautiful and lustrous. The best way to maintain your pearls is to wipe them gently using a clean, soft cloth dampened with warm water. Never use jewellery cleaning products, soap or brushes as this may tamper with their lustre.

To find out more about pearls or to view our range in store, simply call us or visit us at our Woollahra boutique.


This Season’s Most Popular Engagement Rings

30 May 2017

Whether you’re preparing to propose to your special someone, or anticipating that your partner will pop the question soon – engagement rings are the topic of interest. Once you’ve informed yourself on core knowledge like The 4 C’s, shapes and certification, it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for some of the trends coming through the market.

As of 2017, we’ve seen a rise in modern angular cut engagement rings. Traditionally round cuts are utilised to highlight your diamond’s colour and ability to reflect light, angular cuts generally emphasise your diamond’s clarity and brilliance.

Radiant Cut

Similar to an emerald cut in shape, the radiant cut diamond boast many facets allowing it to reflect more light, giving it the appearance of a brilliant shine. Due to this, a radiant cut engagement will look sensational in just about any setting.

For a simple and classic finish, choose a sleek setting like a solitaire to let the diamond draw the most attention. Alternatively, to enhance the shine, a pave band or a halo of smaller diamonds around the perimeter piece would be a stunning showstopper.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut diamond is an absolutely stunning shape, considered unique due to its long elegant lines, which reflect light beautifully. Best suited to the highest quality of diamonds, the glamorous, mirror-like effect will highlight any impurities otherwise.

Asscher Cut

Looking for wow-factor? An Asscher cut diamond is the epitome of a showstopper, crafted with 58 facets, which is very similar to the emerald cut. However, it’s the unique octagonal shape that produces the breathtaking flash and brilliance. It’s no secret that a ring with this level of grandeur requires a truly exceptional stone.

To learn more about our extensive range of engagement rings, contact the boutique to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, download our exclusive Engagement Ring guides in our new portal, Ever After.


How To Purchase The Perfect Coloured Engagement Ring

23 May 2017

Designing an engagement ring is an amazing experience, allowing you to create a masterpiece that is every bit as unique as you or your partner. Like most trends, engagement ring designs come in and out of popularity and recently we’ve seen an increased interest in stunning coloured jewels amongst brides to be.

Contrary to popular belief, picking the perfect coloured engagement ring isn’t as simple as choosing the biggest and brightest stone. To ensure you are confident with your choice, we have listed some of our frequently asked questions when designing a bespoke piece.

What shapes can be cut with a coloured gem?

Although most diamonds can be cut into any shape, gems may differ depending on a variety of factors such as depth, size and original shape. This often depends on the stone itself rather than the type of gem being used. For further information on what cuts are available for your chosen diamonds and gems it is best you contact a professional jeweller for a consultation. Alternatively, visit the Diamond Selection portion of our Ever After Engagement Guide for further information.

What colour should I choose?

Using coloured gemstones and diamonds provides a bride-to-be with the opportunity to have a ring that is unique to her, a piece that truly reflects her personality and style. You may consider a favourite colour, or perhaps a birthstone as a starting point. If you or your partner prefers a sentimental touch, coloured diamonds and gemstones are renowned for having the ability to symbolically communicate meaning through their vivid colours.

For example, Rubies traditionally represent love and strength, Aquamarine for serenity and Emerald for strength.

Are gems as durable as Diamonds?

Typically, diamonds are amongst the most durable, however alternatives such as Ruby, Sapphire and Aquamarine are a popular choice for unique engagement rings. Although stunning, Pearls aren’t generally recommended for engagement rings as they can be easily scratched or cracked over time.

To learn more about coloured diamonds and gems and the use of these special stones in our designs, contact the boutique to book a consultation.

The Classic Diamond Pieces Every Woman Should Own

11 May 2017

The journey of building the perfect jewellery collection should start with an investment in core diamond pieces, that’s why we have carefully selected our favourite essentials that deserve a place in every woman’s collection.

Each of these pieces highlights the finer details that make your style uniquely yours. Easily paired or worn alone, some of our most loved classic must have pieces include;

Diamond Earrings

Elegant, simple and simply divine, diamond earrings are a jewellery staple that never goes out of style. Suitable for any style and any age, a classic set will pair effortlessly with any accompanying – making them the perfect accessory.

Shop Diamond Studs 

The Tennis Bracelet

A brilliant symmetrical line of diamonds crafted to perfection is an essential classic piece any woman can wear. Beautiful on its own and easily styled with other gems, diamonds or jewels – a tennis bracelet is a piece to last forever.

Shop Tennis Bracelets

The Diamond Pendant

A simple necklace with a diamond pendant is a timeless choice, simple to transition from day to night. Whether you prefer to wear your piece singularly for elegance or layered for a added touch of style, a simple necklace is a jewellery collection essential.

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Wedding Day Gift Ideas: From Groom To Bride

11 May 2017

As the excitement of your wedding draws closer, you may consider surprising your partner with a romantic exchange as a symbol of your affection.

Many brides and grooms exchange small gifts on the morning of their wedding to commemorate the occasion; a private moment in the midst of the bigger celebration shared with family and friends.

Simple gifts shared between loved ones can be a thoughtful expression of love and appreciation; a wonderful token of the joyous romance of beginning married life together.

Nothing says love like stunning jewellery and your wedding is a perfect opportunity to gift a piece that will last a lifetime. Regardless of the cost or size of your chosen piece, it’s sentiment that often goes the furthest, so bring that thought to the forefront of your mind when you’re shopping.

What should you gift?

A classic bridal gift is jewellery for her to wear on the wedding day itself — perhaps just at the reception, if her wedding jewellery for walking down the aisle has already been chosen. A gorgeous tennis bracelet, fine necklace, or diamond earrings are all timeless choices that she will cherish long after the ceremony.

Personal inscriptions of your initials, wedding date or another message of love are a beautiful finishing touch for all sentimental jewellery. We like the simplicity and range of our Innocence Collection. Remember to allow at least a month for a bespoke piece to made and ready in time.

Exchanging gifts with your spouse-to-be is a sweet way to add something extra special just between the two of you. The real gift you’ll be giving your bride on the big day is your heart.

Feeling inspired?

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Get To Know May’s Birthstone; The Emerald

4 May 2017

Known for its extraordinary green colour, the Emerald symbolises wisdom, faith and love. With green representing harmony, balance, growth and hope, the emerald is said to rejuvenate and nurture the wearer.

Emeralds are an increasingly popular stone, best accompanied by complementary diamonds, yellow or white gold. This show shopping gem possesses an innate elegance and can be designed for an everyday piece, like a drop earring or to showcase a stunning statement piece, similar to our Art Deco ring.

Like the much-loved diamond, an Emeralds cut is just as crucial, because it helps to amplify the desirable green colour. You can find more information about “Cut” in our Diamond buying guide.

Taking inspiration from its vivid colour and vibrant nature, some of our favourite creations include:

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Everything You Need To Know About Ring Resizing

27 April 2017

When planning the perfect surprise proposal, one of the biggest challenges – aside from choosing the ‘right’ ring – is guessing your partner’s correct finger size.

There are plenty of helpful ways to assist you in guessing, such as secretly borrowing one of their rings and getting it sized, tracing the inside of one of their rings or seeing if one of their rings fits on one of your fingers. If that sounds too complicated, an alternative would be to try taking a photo with the ring sitting over a ruler so the size can be gauged.

More often than not, there is a high chance that after the ring is designed, it will need to be taken back to an expert craftsman or jeweller to be resized. Here’s what you need to know.

Can all rings be resized?

For a ring to be resized, it needs to be made from silver, gold or platinum. Aside from the material, there needs to be enough room on the ring for the work to be done. Be aware of eternity band rings. Due to the stones set in the band, there’s physically no metal to work with so unfortunately they can’t be resized.

If your ring needs to go up or down more than two sizes, this may not be possible due to foreseeable stress on the ring’s design. A great preventative measure would be to talk to your jeweller about leaving a small gap at the bottom of your ring to allow for any potential resizing in future.

How long does it take?

Generally ring resizing can take one to two weeks, depending on the size amendment, metal and intricacy of your design. However prearranged bookings can help arrive at a faster turnaround.

When should you definitely have the size adjusted?

Preferred fit differs per client, though there are two rules of thumb that can help you with this. We recommend ring resizing if your ring is uncomfortably small or if it slips off with little resistance, which means it too large. Fit is an extremely vital factor for ensuring maximum ring comfort and care.

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Autumn Trend: Statement Drop Earrings

18 April 2017

Every year, I’m continuously inspired by red carpet glamour. Seeing classic Hollywood starlets in grand pieces often helps to pave the way for amazing jewellery trends.

While statement earrings have gone in and out of style for years, they are in the midst of resurgence – think ‘drop earrings’ complete with rich coloured gems and diamonds.

Take a look at our favourite pieces.

For a subtle showstopper with a pop of colour, choose a piece like these Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings. These drop earrings brilliantly showcase a par of sparkling round yellow sapphires, each encased in a halo of alternating sized stunning white diamonds and set in 18ct white gold to highlight the gems natural colour.

For classic design with a touch more interest, choose a piece like these Diamond Set Drop Earrings. They are spectacularly crafted with sparkling white diamonds and accentuated with a single 5P Argyle Pink diamond in the center of each earring.

For a drop earring with intricate detailing, choose a piece like these Rubellite Tourmaline and Diamond Drop Earrings. Inspired by the traditional cobblestone streets of Florence, Italy, – they’re beautifully designed with pear shaped affetto rubellite tourmalines and set with white gold detailing.

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Why Should You Opt For Rose Gold Jewellery?

11 April 2017

With its warm, almost pink-ish glow, the recent surge in rose gold popularity is a welcomed surprise for those who love a little colour in their jewellery. While White Gold and Yellow Gold are often regarded as timeless, the romantic warmth of Rose Gold is simply stunning.

The ‘pink’ intensity of rose gold depends on the ratio of copper to gold, ranging from a soft blush to a deep red as the copper content increases. While this shade of metal has begun to gain momentum as a jewellery trend, Rose Gold engagement rings are still considered a unique choice.

So, why should you consider Rose Gold for your next piece?

Complementary Tones – Generally speaking, White Gold suits cooler skin tones and Yellow Gold suits warmer, Rose Gold has a place across the spectrum, beautifully flattering most complexions.

Durable – Rose Gold is comparably the strongest when compared to White Gold and Yellow Gold due to the copper component, which is extremely sturdy. It is important to remember that Rose Gold isn’t a hypoallergenic metal, so if you have sensitive skin another metal may be a more suitable alternative.

Affordable – Historically, copper (the alloy used to make Rose Gold) costs less than the alloys used to make White Gold and Yellow Gold, generally making it a more affordable option. Bear in mind that the skill of your craftsman coupled with the design of your piece will ultimately decide what price you pay.

Have a browse of our website to see what Rose Gold pieces we’ve crafted. Interested in designing your own bespoke piece? Contact us today.

Designing An Engagement Ring? 3 Practical Factors To Consider

3 April 2017

Designing an engagement ring can be the ultimate act of romance, but there are a number of practical factors to take into consideration. Once you’ve found an idea of the perfect ring for your partner, it’s important to understand which seemingly minor elements will have a major effect on the final piece.

Here are a few great tips to consider, and best of all, these options don’t always require extra spending.


Consider The Metal

One of the first things you need to think about when choosing a metal for a setting is the type of jewellery your partner typically wears. Are they drawn to cooler hues and silver tones? Then perhaps white gold is the choice. Yellow or rose gold are a great alternative for those drawn to warmer tones. Can’t identify a preference? Try mixing metals!


Consider The Cut

Did you know that it’s the way a stone is cut that often determines how big and sparkly your diamond looks? A well-cut diamond with detailed angels and facets will not only be extremely beautiful and brilliant, but will reflect light to give the appearance of a larger size. Emerald and Asscher cut diamonds or stones are a great option.

Need more information of ring cuts? Click here.


Consider The Prongs

Although they’re comparatively small compared to the centrepiece, prongs can affect how big or small your diamonds appear. In this case, it’s all about proportion – the smaller or slender the prongs, the bigger a diamond will look.

Take a look at a few examples on our Instagram.

Want more information? Visit the Diamond Selection section of our Engagement Guide Ever After; the simple and informative guide with everything you’ll need to help you find the perfect ring for your special moment. Alternatively, email, or call the boutique.

Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

28 March 2017

Designing an engagement ring is an awesome experience, allowing you to select every intricate detail: from the size of your diamond to the shape of your band, there are many elements that make a bespoke engagement ring unique. With this in mind, here are a couple of our top tips to customise your dream engagement ring.


Using coloured gemstones and diamonds is an increasingly popular trend, as it provides an opportunity for brides-to-be to have a ring that truly reflects their personality and taste. If your significant other would love a ring with additional sentiment, consider their birthstone, favourite colour or gemstone. Be sure to consider the durability of your chosen stone. Historically diamonds are the most durable – hence why they’re used prominently in engagement rings – however sapphires and rubies are a great choice.

Mixed Metals

If you can’t decide between pure platinum or romantic rose gold, most skilled jewellery designers will be able to guide you with a helpful alternative: the mixed metal ring. The unconventional contrast creates a striking juxtaposition and adds a touch of personalisation. Whether you contrast the band to the setting, or the halo to the centre stone – the stunning combination is sure to turn heads.


Adding an inscription to your engagement ring or wedding band is a sentimental touch your significant other is sure to love. Imagine the surprise when your loved one sees the unique message you’ve picked out for them! Wondering what you can engrave? A simple and effective choice would be the date of your anniversary or even both of your initials. Whichever you choose, it’s best to keep it short and sweet so your message will fit on the ring without losing visibility.

Feeling inspired? Visit our Engagement Guide Ever After; the simple and informative guide with everything you’ll need to help you find the perfect ring for your special moment, email, or call the boutique to start a consultation.

Which Engagement Ring Is Perfect For You?

21 March 2017

There’s nothing like the topic of engagement rings to instill feelings of excitement, awe and romance. Every couple holds a different story and with each engagement ring, tells of a journey to love. There are a number of crucial elements you should consider when designing or choosing a ring, as it’s the combination of little touches that make your ring uniquely special.

One of our favourite components is the cut, or shape of the centre stone: it’s the core of the piece, and while objectively small, it makes a huge impact on the overall appearance of the finished product. While there are plenty of stunning shapes for engagement rings, there are a few key shapes that are extremely popular amongst brides to be.

Round Brilliant Cut

Looking for timeless sparkle? The Round Brilliant Cut is adored by many due to its symmetrical, balanced and proportional shape, designed to give maximum light and shine. This cut is increasingly popular as it can often help your diamond have the appearance of being larger than it is for its carat weighting. For a traditional and elegant ring that will catch eyes from across the room, choose a Round Brilliant Cut.

Pear Shape

Looking for a unique, yet classic option? Pear shapes are a remarkable take on traditional engagement ring shapes. Known for its spectacular shine and brilliance (when cut to the right proportions by an experienced hand) this style was refined in the 1900’s, allowing it to embody the romance of vintage jewellery, while still being perfectly cut to today’s standards. The tapered shape marries the symmetry of a round cut diamond with similar characteristics of a marquise cut, giving the appearance of slender, elongated hands.

Asscher Cut

Looking for wow-factor? An Asscher cut diamond is the epitome of a showstopper, crafted with 58 facets which is very similar to the emerald cut. However, it’s the unique octagonal shape that produces the breathtaking flash and brilliance. It’s no secret that a ring with this level of grandeur requires a truly exceptional stone.

Still feeling unsure? Visit our Engagement Guide Ever After; the simple and informative guide with everything you’ll need to help you find the perfect ring for your special moment, email, or call the boutique.




Engagement Ring Shopping: 3 Mistakes To Avoid

15 March 2017

An engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases a person can make. While there are certain (often outdated) rules of thumb, the ultimate consideration factor is ensuring the ring is perfect for you and the one you love.

With a purchase that demands this much pressure, we’ve prepared a list of the top mistakes people make when preparing for the big purchase and how to avoid them.

Forget Trends

An engagement ring is a classic, timeless token of your affection that will last forever, so the idea should be to find (or design!) the perfect piece for you future fiancée. If you haven’t had an open conversation about the type of ring your loved one prefers, take a look at their current collection to see what would best suit their style. Yellow gold or white gold? Coloured gems or diamonds? Are they a fan of statement jewellery or do they prefer a minimal piece. Take inspiration from their current style and ask questions! This will help inform your decision.

Ask For Help

Engagement ring shopping can be a daunting task, as very few people go into this process with prior knowledge or experience. Call on someone who knows you and your future spouse well, and to be safe confirm you love and respect their opinion regarding aesthetics. Often the person you’re buying for has an idea of what they want and has likely expressed this to a friend. If you’re still feeling a little unsure, ask a jeweller for recommendations. You’d be surprised at how confident and secure you’ll feel in the presence of a professional.

Know Your Stone

Not all diamonds are created equally and they can range from imitation to priceless, each cut to influence their beauty and value. With this in mind, there are a variety of factors that can affect the price of your diamonds. Find out more here.

It’s also very important to understand certificate grading. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and you don’t necessarily need a D colour Flawless stone to create a spectacular ring. The colour or clarity grade can serve as a very integral starting point, but shouldn’t always be the decider. Ultimately you are purchasing and wearing the diamond not the certificate, which is why we place a large importance on personally selecting diamonds for our clients and invite you to take part in the viewing process prior to making a decision.

Still feeling unsure? Visit our Engagement Guide Ever After; the simple and informative guide with everything you’ll need to help you find the perfect ring for your special moment.


Birthstone Of The Month – Aquamarine

9 March 2017

March is the month of the dreamy Aquamarine, traditionally symbolising youth, the spirit of hope, good health and lasting love. I’ve always loved working with vibrant Aquamarine stones that possess a gorgeous medium tone, vivid and blue in hue.

To bring out the beauty of the Aquamarine, I often experiment with pairing it with complementary gemstones. Diamonds are my favourite choice, as the cool white tone contrasts beautifully with deep blue hues.

Aquamarine is the perfect gemstone to wear as a statement piece throughout any season of the year. Coupled with White Gold, they make an unforgettable statement, and deserve a special place in every woman’s collection.

To learn more about Aquamarine and the use of this special gem in my creations, contact the boutique and a member of the team will be able to talk you through the intricacies of the stunning gem.

3 Reasons To Invest In Fine Jewellery

14 February 2017

Classic and contemporary, yet edgy and refined – there’s so much to love about our Minimal and Innocence Collections.

Both ranges are filled with delicate pieces, made with tender, loving care and to the highest standards – while still maintaining an affordable price. It’s the perfect gift for any woman and the ultimate staple for any jewellery admirer.

Thinking about starting your own collection? Here are a few reasons on why you should invest in a few key pieces.

They’re durable and will stand the test of time

Look for high quality materials like 9-18ct White, Yellow and Rose Gold in addition to brilliant White Diamonds, which can be found in both our Minimal and Innocence Collections.

With a little bit of care – including semi-regular cleaning – high jewellery will last you for years while maintaining a stunning finish. To keep your favourite pieces sparkling, avoid abrasive surfaces and limit contact with perfume or fragranced lotions.

They’re timeless essentials

Unlike statement jewellery, you needn’t worry about whether your fine pieces ‘match’ your outfit. However, if you’re looking for a simple piece with a certain edge, look for options with unique details and shapes like the ear cuffs in our Minimal Collection, which can be mixed and matched with a variety of diamond studs.

They’re versatile, made to suit any woman

Feminine, polished, simple … whatever your style, fine jewellery fits seamlessly into your collection. Diamond studs and delicate chains are an amazing finishing touch to elevate any look. Focus on quality and you can’t go wrong.

To view our Minimal Collection, click here.

To view our Innocence Collection, click here.

To view the range in store, simply visit us at our Woollahra boutique or book a consultation on (02) 9328 1555 or

The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring For Your Engagement Ring

7 February 2017

Your engagement ring is likely the most cherished piece of jewellery you have in your collection. A physical representation of your vows and a token of your loved ones affection for you – it’s so important to keep your ring safe, sound and as sparkly as possible.

Due to daily wear, your ring will be exposed to harsh elements and physical stress that may leave the once flawless band marked and the once glistening jewels dull. To ensure you keep your ring pristine condition and prevent damage follow these simple tips.

Do: Purchase Insurance
Your ring is special item and apart from being financially valuable; holds immense sentimental value as a symbol of your love for, and union with, your significant other. For this reason we always advise our clients to have their rings insured in the case the worst should happen.

Although it may seem unlikely – loss, damage and theft are all unfortunately a part of life and equally possible, particularly with highly visible and valuable jewellery items such as engagement rings or wedding bands. Talk to us about insuring your precious jewellery items, this is a service that we can provide for you in the boutique.

Do: Clean Regularly
Have your ring cleaned, polished and inspected for wear by a professional you trust at least once a year. It’s also a great opportunity to check that your gemstones/diamonds are properly secured in the mount, and also that the settings aren’t too worn.

In between visits to your jeweller, clean your ring yourself using a professional jewellery-cleaning solution.

Don’t: Wear your ring near chemicals
Household chores that involve the use of harmful chemicals, especially bleach may possibly erode gemstones. It’s important to note that even swimming in a chlorinated pool or salt water may also affect your ring.

Also beware of the potential discolouration or clouding of your ring from hairspray and perfumes. It’s best to remove jewellery when applying these products as the spray may diffuse over a large area and thus come in contact with your jewellery. Steer clear of applying hand cream with your rings on too and this will ensure that the stones remain as sparkly as possible.

To book a consultation appointments can be made online or by calling the boutique on (02) 9328 1555 or

Highlighting Our Favourite Engagement Rings of 2016

17 January 2017

Choosing a ring that reflects your personality and style is an exciting process, especially when creating a bespoke piece. The cut, shape and colour are all elements that will help you channel your personal tastes and characteristics into the finished design.

Working with future brides and grooms to put the ideas they envisage into reality is a great honour and helping to guide them through the decisions and choices that surround finding their perfect ring is one of the most satisfying parts of what we do at Matthew Ely.

Some of our favorite engagement ring shapes include the Emerald, Round and Pear cut which marry classic and modern elements to create a stunning and unforgettable piece. Halo motifs are especially popular amongst engagement rings, adding an extra touch of sparkle by encircling a centre stone with bright white diamonds.

Need help choosing a cut that’s right for you?

Take a look at our Engagement Guide, Ever After or make a call for a consultation with Matthew Ely on (02) 9328 1555.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your High Jewellery Cleaned

17 January 2017

When was the last time you had your favourite piece of jewellery cleaned?

For those who wear their most loved and cherished pieces more than any other in their collection might find that with time, the initial sparkle we fell in love with can dull. Keep your favorite pieces looking as exquisite and immaculate as the day you first laid eyes on them with help from the team at Matthew Ely.

Over time your jewellery is exposed to various harsh elements and physical stress that may leaves the once unblemished band marked and glistening gems clouded. Regularly cleaning can help extend the life of your jewellery, ensuring your gems and diamonds remains flawless, in addition to preventing stone loss.

Whether it’s your wedding ring, a family heirloom or a once-loved piece Matthew Ely offers a range of services dedicated to keeping your jewellery looking stunning and strong.

Rejuvenate a well-loved piece to its former beauty and fall in love all over again!

To book a consultation appointments can be made online or by calling the boutique on (02) 9328 1555 or

Simple And Sophisticated Gift Ideas

8 December 2016

Stumped for Christmas gift ideas?

The festive season is the perfect occasion to gift your loved one with a personalised momento. For a small token of your affection without the extravagance of a statement piece, look no further than our range of personalised hand-engraved Innocence necklaces.

The idea for the Innocence collection first came to fruition when Matthew Ely and his wife expecting their first child. They wanted a classic, simple and timeless piece of jewellery to commemorate this lovely occasion; from there The Innocence Collection began.

These precious personalised pieces are designed for adults though they can be customised to fit children. The delicate bracelets are complete with a small secret diamond set into the back and are available in both 9ct and 18ct yellow, white and rose gold, while the necklaces are available in 18ct yellow, white and rose gold.

Worn alone or stacked this collection adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.


Christmas Collaboration With Natalie Rompotis

8 December 2016


As a gemologist and jeweller with a penchant for all forms of art, Matthew Ely loves to celebrate and recognise local innovators. This festive season, we’re extremely excited to share our collaboration with Natalie Rompotis, a talented fashion illustrator from Melbourne, currently based in Sydney.

Rompotis’ work is inspired by the magnificent world of fashion and classic cinema with a strong influence of French culture, which boasts elegance, simplicity and femininity.

Her work has been highlighted in various renowned magazines including Harper’s BAZAAR Australia, who proudly named her as one of the top 12 Australian Fashion Illustrators to follow.

This creative partnership has resulted in a series of stunning artworks to celebrate the festive season. These can be seen in lovely EDM’s, website and boutique window space. We hope you enjoy!

Restoring A Former Beauty

8 December 2016

Both sentimental and nostalgic, restoring a cherished jewellery piece for your loved one can be the perfect gift.

Due to its symbolic and often romantic nature, established connoisseurs and millennial enthusiasts alike have coveted heirlooms, vintage and antique pieces for centuries. While its classic designs will always be timeless, years of wear, exposure to various harsh elements or simply evolving tastes can result in a lovely heirloom piece being left unworn.

Often heirloom pieces can’t be replaced due to rarity; however we offer a restoration service to breathe life and beauty back into your cherished piece. With years of expertise, love and dedication in creating and repairing jewelry, Matthew Ely can restore your beloved jewellery to its former beauty.

If you’re looking for something a little more than a restoration, book a consultation to discuss possible options for remodeling an outdated but dear treasure.

Tips For Your Perfect Festive Proposal

8 December 2016


There isn’t a ‘right’ time to pop the question, but of all the possibilities within the year, there is something beautifully merry about the festive season.

Your perfect proposal isn’t complete without a spectacular ring for the one you love. With a number of crucial factors to keep in mind, sometimes this process can feel overwhelming, though here are Matthew’s three tips to alleviate some of the pressure.

Go Bespoke
• If you’re struggling to find a ready-made ring that is a perfect reflection of you partner’s taste and preferences, you might want to consider designing a personalised, bespoke piece. With this process, you can choose all the important details, from your diamond, the metal, the shape and the style.

Shop Smarter
• With increased opportunities to break the bank over the festive season, establish your budget before falling in love with a ring that’s out of your price range. Utilise resources with tips on the variables that will influence the final price of your ring. This ranges from shape, cut, carat, clarity, colour and certification.

Think Colour
• There are a number of luxurious alternatives to white diamonds, which can offer a more thoughtful and fitting piece for your loved one. Coloured gemstones have the ability to symbolically communicate specific meanings or reflect a client’s personality and style, making them a rapidly growing alternative. A few of our favourite gems are Morganite, Tanzanite and Topaz.

Need more information?
Download our engagement ring reference, Ever After: Guide For Him, with expert tips on how to design and buy the perfect ring.

5 Factors Affecting The Price Of Your Diamonds

15 November 2016


As you know the market is full of different diamonds and with limited knowledge, it can be extremely overwhelming to know exactly what to look for when choosing your special piece.

Not all diamonds are created equally and they can range from imitation to priceless, each shaped and cut to influence their beauty and value. With this in mind, here’s a simple list to help you make the most informed decision before your purchase.

The most valuable diamonds are those that encompass the scarcest balance of the 4C’s: known as cut, clarity, colour and carat. These are the unique characteristics of each diamond and have governed diamond-grading systems for many years.

As a general rule of thumb, if the diamond reflects light and creates exceptional sparkle and life, the higher the grade of cut. Specifically cut proportions allow light to enter the diamond and create brilliance through optimising white light reflections, flashes of colour and scintillation. Dull diamonds are a result of poor cuts allowing light to easily enter and escape the stone.

Each diamond develops its own unique characteristics that influence the quality of the gem, these are known as inclusions or impurities. This occurs when minerals become trapped during formation and create tiny specks or irregularities within the diamond. The more blemishes a diamond has, the lesser its value.

When gemmologists refer to a diamond’s colour, they are actually referring to its lack of colour or grading of “whiteness’. Generally, the less colour in a white diamond the higher its value. Most diamonds contain hints of yellow or brown that, with even the slightest change of hue can affect the value dramatically. The GIA uses a grading system to determine a diamond’s colour, from D (colourless, highest possible) through to Z (light in colour, lowest possible). Fancy coloured diamonds (e.g. pinks, blues, yellows) are graded using a different scale.

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond; this is one of the major contributors to the price at which a diamond is sold and the easiest grading measurement of a diamond is determining its weight; the number of carats, each of which is split into 100 points. Diamonds of higher carat weights demand a higher price because they can be few and far between; however it’s important to keep in mind that carat size doesn’t necessarily reflect the physical size of the diamond and that two diamonds of the same carat weight can have different costs based on the quality of other characteristics such as cut, clarity and colour.

With these factors in consideration, your jeweller is going to be key in this process. Always make sure they are accredited with certified training and experience so you get the best service and expertise. Don’t rush your purchase and take time to evaluate your options. After all, diamonds are forever.

For more information, download our Buying Guide here.

Are Coloured Gems the New Diamond?

8 November 2016


When thinking about traditional engagement rings we usually think about diamonds, but over the last few years, we’ve noticed the increased popularity of unconventional jewels. Men and women are now thinking less about traditions and more about pieces that suit their personal style. Like, coloured gemstones have the ability to symbolically communicate specific meanings or reflect a client’s personality and style; making them a rapidly growing alternative.

Individuality is a vital factor in the preference for coloured gemstones as consumers are opting for a piece that is unique and quintessentially them. Colour has the capacity to open up a world of personal possibilities that may not be achieved to the same extent with a classic diamond.

Alternatively, rarity plays part in the rise of coloured gems, as coloured diamonds are often harder to attain due to pricing, sizing or colour options. If you are considering a vibrant gemstone, we recommend seeking a specialist’s assistance, to ensure you’re sourcing a high quality stone and the perfect one for the style you have in mind.

Our Essential Engagement Ring Guide for Him

1 November 2016


Deciding on what ring to choose for your partner can be an intimidating experience for anyone. With Matthew Ely’s ‘Guide for Him’, we take the stress out of an experience that should only be a time of joy and celebration. We’re always grateful and honoured to work closely with our clients to ensure that they’re able to choose a ring that both them and their partner will love.

It’s for this reason that Matthew Ely has put together this quick guide on some of the key details you should consider when looking to purchase a ring.

The ‘Guide for Him’ comprehensively covers the following topics:

– Fitting to perfection
– Size security
– The surprise element
– How ring designs affects value
– Insuring the ring

It’s our pleasure to get to know both you and your partner and craft a ring that’s perfect for you.

To download the guide, click here.

For more information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss further. If you’d like to request a personal phone call to book a consultation, appointments can be made online or by calling the boutique on (02) 9328 1555 or

Racing Carnival Luxury With Suzy O’Rourke

28 October 2016


As a creative mind with a penchant for crafting memorable and sophisticated jewellery, Matthew Ely loves to celebrate and recognise local innovators with a similar ethos.

This racing season, we’ve dedicated the window space of our Woollahra boutique to showcase unique headpieces by an extraordinary local couture Milliner, Suzy O’Rourke.

The precision and carefully calculated steps Suzy takes in creating her luxurious and unique high-end designer hats, headpieces, and bridal veils can be seen through each of her personally handcrafted creations.

Showcasing likeminded artists is always a rewarding and exciting experience, one we’re more than happy to be a part of. We encourage you to visit our boutique to experience the beauty of her millinery.

The staple pieces that suit everybody

7 October 2016


Whether your sense of style is minimalistic or edgy, elegant or eccentric, there are pieces to suit everyone’s style, and pieces that simply suit everyone. While trends come and go with the seasons, there are some that have come to stay.
Timeless, simple and sophisticated these gorgeous pieces are must haves in every woman’s arsenal!

The Diamond Stud
The diamond stud is perhaps the most classic, elegant and versatile piece, ideal for any occasion and a simple way to elevate any outfit. Diamonds remain as popular now as the day the shimmering jewel was discovered, and is perhaps the most essential staple item in any woman’s collection.

The Long Necklace
Long necklaces can be worn a number of ways. Worn individually or with multilayers, the long necklace is a piece that can be used to subtly enhance any outfit without becoming the centerpiece. Whether paired with a choker, a medium length necklace or having it as a stand-alone piece, the way you wear a long necklace can be customized to suit every style.

Cocktail ring
It goes without saying that a cocktail ring can add depth to any gown and nowadays we see them worn with just about any outfit, be it casual or formal. With a multitude of colours, gems and designs, a stunning cocktail ring can help you achieve an enchanting and striking look with ease.

Spring Window

7 October 2016


Spring has sprung, which means the long awaited Racing Carnival season has arrived. Our brand new window installation celebrates the opulence of this occasion, showcasing three stunning fascinators designed by renowned couture Milliner, Suzy O’Rourke.

Praised by Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Marie Claire for her distinctly unique designs, we’re especially excited to share her ‘Jardin’ beret. The glamorous headpiece features glorious ivy branches dipped in 24 carat gold, which have been twisted and intertwined to create the perfect statement piece.

We’d love to see you in store this Racing Season! Whether you prefer the show-stopping cocktail ring, or classic diamond pendant, we’ll be sure to be find you the perfect piece to complete your look.

Unique alternatives to traditional wedding bands

7 October 2016


Despite what tradition may suggest, your wedding band can be anything you want it to be! We have many clients that come into the boutique looking for something a little different to the conventional, yellow or white gold band.

If you want to convey your love and commitment in a unique way here are some ideas to inspire you to find the right piece.

A pop of colour
Wedding bands are traditionally a simple band, though adding a hidden coloured gem or a showstopping diamond can make it uniquely, you. We love the idea of wearing a wedding band that holds your own or your partner’s birthstone or perhaps coloured gem that has sentimental value.

Something old
Vintage-inspired and heirloom pieces are a great way to acknowledge the traditions of the past or to use a jewellery piece with sentimental significance for a wedding band. Many of our clients come into the boutique with vintage pieces as inspiration or wishing for an heirloom to be restored to its former brilliance.

When you have a particular design in mind, we’re here to make the idea a reality. What better way to express your personal style and love than with a piece you designed for yourself?

Spring Jewellery Trends

7 October 2016


Accessories can change any woman’s outfit in an instant. From a conservative suit to an extravagant gown, a daring piece or a subtle touch, jewellery is the perfect finishing touch. As spring hits the scene, it brings a plethora of enchanting new pieces to freshen up any look.

Pearls and Gemstones
Polished or natural, bright or somber, gemstones and pearls are set to come back this spring! Rich, timeless and unique, these pieces will help add a delightful twist to your outfit.

Embody the beauty of spring with flora jewellery accessories. Whether the piece you choose has flower motifs, or is purely inspired by nature’s beauty, it’s the simple way to celebrate a new season in a sophisticated yet modern way.

Drop Earrings
Big, bold, statement jewellery pieces have strutted down Spring’s runways. From Oscar De La Renta to Gucci, we’ve noticed that drop earrings are the ultimate seasonal accessory for stylish women and trendsetters alike. They offer a touch of playfulness without overwhelming your outfit, though the key is to wear them with a bare neckline to best showcase your glittering gems. They are the perfect high jewellery piece for the classic, yet modern woman looking to leave a long lasting impression.

Spring wedding trends

23 September 2016

Spring Wedding Trends

Spring is in the air and so is love! Spring is the most popular season for weddings and it’s an especially exciting time in the boutique with so many of our clients tying the knot.

This spring season there are a number of trends that we love:

Bold bouquets
With so many blooms in season, your options for flowers are endless in spring. Bright, bold and contrasting flowers are very on trend with bright tulips, coloured roses and sunflowers the perfect way to make a statement. Bright bouquets for brides and bridesmaids are beautiful when contrasted with pale hues and whites.

Garden settings
An outdoor wedding has spring written all over it. Tea lights, fresh blooms, glass enclosed candles and petal-strewn tables create an enchanted garden theme and late afternoon garden weddings are becoming extremely popular.

Coloured rings
Many brides are opting for stones other than diamonds for their engagement rings and wedding jewellery. Coloured stones are beautiful and offer the opportunity to show a bit more personality than a standard diamond ring. With sapphires, rubies and morganite all being used for engagement rings, the spring season is all about making a statement.

Brunch weddings
Rather than lunch or dinner, many brides and grooms are serving their wedding guests brunch after an early morning ceremony. Early morning light makes for a beautiful setting and even better photos, so if pancakes sound appealing, you might want to jump on-board with this growing trend.

The history of the wedding band

20 September 2016

The history of the wedding band

The placement of the wedding band on the left ring finger is a constant reminder of your love and commitment for your significant other– but where exactly did this tradition originate?

The circle has been the symbol of eternity since Ancient Egyptian times; therefore the ring has come to represent never-ending love. The Romans built on this tradition, giving rings to women to “claim” them. The Roman’s rings signified commitment to another and they were worn on the fourth finger on the left hand. This finger was thought to have a vein in it that connected directly to the heart. It was referred to as the ‘vein of love’ and while this hasn’t been proven scientifically, the tradition remains.

Wedding rings traditionally had no stone but were often engraved or embellished with personalised images and lettering. The wedding band remains an important tradition that we use to signify our love for another.

Announcing Our New Bridal Portal – Ever After

5 September 2016

  • Launch of the bridal and engagement portal Ever After blog post

Our wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions of our lives likewise; getting engaged is an amazing time filled with great excitement. In my line of work, I’ve been lucky enough to share in the love, the nerves and the delight of countless weddings and engagements – it’s one of the best parts of my job!

Working with future brides and grooms to put the ideas they envisage into reality is a great honour and helping to guide them through the decisions and choices that surround finding their perfect ring is one of the most satisfying parts of what I do.

These experiences have helped me realise how many potential brides and grooms could benefit from readily accessible information on what to consider when thinking about their engagement rings and wedding bands. It is with this in mind that I’ve developed our tailored engagement portal to offer brides and grooms alike all the information they need.

You can now visit our new engagement portal ‘Ever After’ yourself and discover the wealth of knowledge on offer including; how to find the perfect diamond, what makes the perfect ring, buying guides for him, buying guides for her and plenty more priceless information!

Alternatives to white diamond engagement rings

5 September 2016


We’ve long been told that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but when it comes to engagement rings– diamonds aren’t the only choice! In fact, the diamond engagement ring only leapt to popularity post-1980.

There are plenty of beautiful and classy alternatives to white diamonds and breaking away from the “tradition” can offer a more thoughtful and fitting piece for your loved one. Here are some of the best gem alternatives for your engagement ring.

Coloured Diamonds
Natural coloured diamonds such as pink, yellow and champagne are great alternatives if you want your engagement ring to have a pop of colour and really stand out. Using coloured diamonds to flank a white diamond stone means you can have the best of both worlds if you so please.

This precious gem is 1000 times more rare than a diamond and its striking blue colour makes it a standout. Tanzanite has good durability and thanks to its striking blue colour it’s perfect for use as a centre stone or to add colour to the piece by flanking a diamond. While we would never deter you from having the stone that you love in your engagement ring, tanzanite does require a little more care as it isn’t as hard as other gemstones. This means that the ring should be removed during any rough activity and the stone should be taken to your jeweller twice a year for a clean and polish.

A very durable stone that is suitable for long term wear, the striking blue hue of the sapphire is very popular for brides to be. The blue sapphire shot to fame after Princess Diana wore an exquisite sapphire engagement ring that is now worn by Princess Kate Middleton. Sapphires are durable and will require a yearly clean by your jeweller. They are sourced in a rainbow of colours and can be a great option if you are looking for something unique!

This deep, red stone represents passion and can be a romantic symbol of commitment. Ruby rings have heirloom appeal and their deep colour makes a statement. The ruby is a resilient stone but to preserve its shine it’s recommended that you don’t wear it while sleeping or during any rough activity like playing a sport.

This is one of the most popular engagement ring alternatives at the moment. It’s a pink ‘species’ of the gemstone beryl and offers an elegant hue and sheen ranging from light, opaque to a deep pink.

Gifts for a momentous anniversary

15 August 2016


When a client comes to us looking for a gift to mark a milestone with a loved one we always like to find pieces that aren’t just beautiful but also represent the relationship. For this reason we like to suggest considering some of the following factors to pick the perfect piece.

Be symbolic

If you want a piece of jewellery with significance, look to gem stones that signify the meaning you wish to convey. The Sapphire is a popular stone to signify love and commitment and while it is traditionally gifted on a 45th wedding anniversary it’s also a popular anniversary gift at any time.

Aquamarine is another fitting gemstone for anniversaries as it has long been thought to have a positive effect on married couples. Aquamarine is also thought to promote clear communication, not to mention, it’s a gorgeous addition to a ring or necklace.

Likewise, the Ruby symbolises passionate love and is known as the king of the gemstones. Gifting a piece that holds a Ruby symbolises protection and prosperity.

Something sentimental

Many of our clients like to pick a piece for a momentous anniversary that has a sentimental meaning. Selecting pieces that contain birthstones or favourite gems a thoughtful way to celebrate an anniversary. Adding an engraving with a special message is also very popular.

Say it with diamonds

If all else fails, a diamond piece is always a winner. Classic and timeless, diamonds can always be worked into an existing jewellery collection with ease. Our range of diamond jewellery is extensive and diverse. If your momentous anniversary deserves diamonds, we’ll be sure to find the perfect piece to mark the occasion.

Sporteluxe window takeover

8 August 2016


With the Rio Olympics in full swing, the boutique has been transformed into a sporteluxe destination to channel the spirit of the games.

Featuring stunning pieces in gold, silver and rose gold to represent the victorious hues of the Olympic medals our floral window display is a homage to the iconic Olympic rings.

Be sure to visit us this month to join in on the spirit and discover our latest feature pieces.

The traditional meaning behind your favourite gemstones

1 August 2016


Aside from being striking and vivaciously vibrant, historically gemstones have ancient and contemporary connotations and symbolism that give them significance for many of our clients.

Here are the meanings behind some of our favourite gemstones.

Known as the Bishop’s Stone, the Amethyst is still worn traditionally by Catholic Bishops. It represents piety, humility and sincerity. The Amethyst is also thought to have healing properties and was used by healers in ancient times.

The January birthstone, this gem comes in many colours. Garnets have long been carried by travellers to keep them safe when they’re far from home. It is a stone of regeneration and energy, thought to be able to boost and revitalise energy systems.

It’s one of the few gemstones that only appear in one colour. In ancient times the Peridot was thought to be a gift from Mother Nature to celebrate natural creation. As a gift, Peridot was thought to give receivers healing powers and helps to alleviate emotional burdens, guilt and obsessions.

First discovered in Tanzania, Africa, the Tanzanite is thought to promote compassion, raise consciousness in meditation and help to calm an overactive mind. Tanzanite also has calming and soothing properties.

The March birthstone, it’s a symbol of youth, health and fidelity. It was long thought that Aquamarine had a positive influence on married couples, making it a fantastic anniversary gift. It bestows perseverance, discipline and light-heartedness.

The classic green gem is the birthstone for the month of May and has long symbolised love and rebirth. Cleopatra was famous for wearing Emeralds and Ancient Egyptian mummies were often buried with Emeralds to symbolise eternal youth. The Emerald is often referred to as “the Stone of Successful Love”, it is known for promoting domestic bliss and loyalty.

The Ruby is the birthstone of July and also symbolises passion, protection and prosperity. It’s often referred to at “King of all the gems” thanks to its vibrancy. It brings self-confidence and determination to the wearer.

Winter Wonderland

12 July 2016

  • Banner for Winter Wonderland blog. shows side by side images of the updated winter inspired interior of the shop and a close up of the detail

At Matthew Ely, every season presents an opportunity to draw inspiration for new and exciting concepts and winter is no different. To celebrate this gorgeous time of the year, step into our boutique’s newly transformed ‘Winter Wonderland’.

Be sure to visit us this month and discover our selection of new pieces, uniquely designed to channel the season with style and elegance.

New To The Boutique

7 July 2016

  • Banner featuring Oval Citrine and Diamond Cocktail Ring for "New to the Boutique" blog post

We have an exciting range of new pieces in the boutique this month. They’re intricately designed, statement pieces and we’re delighted to showcase them. Featuring the stunning Oval Citrine and Diamond Cocktail Ring and Oval Sapphire and Diamond Dress Ring showcased above.

It is always an exciting time when we welcome new stock and with a selection of new designs across our ring and earring collections, I look forward to sharing them with you soon.

– Matthew Ely

Recognising World Social Media Day

24 June 2016


Today marks world Social Media Day. To celebrate head over to our range of social media channels including, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for a range of featured product, behind the scenes content and inspirational concepts for our pieces.

Join the Matthew Ely community and experience the range of radiant pieces we have to offer in all their glory and be the first to see new and upcoming designs.

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New Feature Necklace – Joyau Rouge

22 June 2016

  • Banner image showing "joyau Rouge" Rubellite Tourmaline pendant for blog titled "New Feature Necklace - Joyau Rouge"

I am exceptionally thrilled to introduce ‘Joyau Rouge’ our new, one of a kind bespoke feature piece – a rare 64.53ct Rubellite Tourmaline set in white gold, surrounded by over 1.60cts of fine white diamonds.

The piece was inspired by the feature pieces of the Georgian and Art Deco eras; with its large centrepiece stone a popular feature of the jewellery worn by dignitaries throughout this period. Building on these foundations a modern twist was added with it’s fine detailing around the edge and three-tiered black spinel necklace ensuring it remains a truly timeless piece.

Recently worn by stunning Actress and Gold Logie Nominee Essie Davis to the 2016 Logies Awards, this piece is an absolute showstopper.

For more information on this piece or any of our other bespoke items please contact the boutique and myself or a member of the team will be able to assist with your enquiry on a personal basis.

Working With You For Your Special Day

9 June 2016

  • banner with text "minimal and modern" for blog titled "working with you for your special day" showing "Radiant Cut and Pear Shape Engagement Ring" "4 Claw Diamond Engagement Ring" and "Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring"

Some of the most excited clients I have the pleasure of working with have been those planning their engagement and or weddings. Each client has brought their own unique range of emotions and character to select or develop what will be their engagement ring or wedding band, making these experiences truly unique and investing in each piece with its own unique story.

Each client’s experience is different and while we see many men selecting the ring they plan on proposing with it is becoming increasingly popular for the woman to be involved in the selection process, having already been proposed to. This has brought with it an increase in the selection of a diverse range of styles, moving away from a traditional band and single diamond and the inclusion of more personalised, bespoke pieces.

With a strong focus on bespoke designs at the boutique this has allowed us to provide and source the perfect diamond or gemstone for each of our valued clients to make their special day that much brighter.

If you or your loved one have any questions regarding the sourcing or design of an engagement ring or wedding bands please don’t hesitate to contact the boutique and myself or a member of the team will be able to assist with your enquiry on a personal basis.

Gemstone of the Month – Pearl

3 June 2016


June is the month of Pearl, the oldest known gem and traditionally thought to represent truth, faith and love.
I have always enjoyed working with pearls, it can take up to three years for a pearl to reach its full size and nacre thickness but it is this organic process that brings about an air of natural beauty to each pearl. Their clean, look and bright lustre adds a level of sophistication to any piece, allowing me to create minimally styled, finely detailed jewellery elements that let the pearl take centre stage.

A pearl’s natural luminance means that it stands out when paired with a range of materials from Rose Gold to White gold, allowing for clients to tailor their choice to their personal preferences and styles.

To learn more about pearls and their use in our designs, contact the boutique and a member of the team will be able to talk you through the intricacies of using pearl or set up an appointment to view our pearl pieces.

Sydney In Colour

27 May 2016

  • Banner image showing "Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Drop earrings" and "Cushion Cut Heliodor and Diamond Ring" for blog post titled "Sydney In Colour"

Winter is lit up by festivals and the celebration of lights, music and creativity. Breaking out of the typical winter greys and blacks and engaging in a season where Sydney comes alive with colour and splendour is such a joy. In the same way, I love the ability that injecting a little colour into your winter pieces can bring that same sense of splendour into your attire.

This season displays an umbrella of inspiration. From bold coloured gemstones to delicate pieces with a splash of colour, the statement pieces in my collection add elegance and sophistication to compliment an individuals style.

Gemstone Of The Month – Emerald

20 May 2016

  • Banner image with text "May Birthstone Emerald" showing a raw uncut emerald beside the "Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring" for the blog post titled "Gemstone of the Month - Emerald"

May is the month of Emerald, also referred to as the ‘Stone of Successful Love’, the Emerald is believed to open and nurture the heart.

The beautiful, radiant green colour of Emerald makes it a gemstone that I always find great joy in working with. Working with Emeralds brings my passion for coloured gemstones to life and working at the bench with them always inspires me to create new designs. Their strong colour offers great opportunities to incorporate different complimentary metals and stones to highlight the vivid green colour, and capture the viewer’s attention.

Emerald is the perfect gemstone to use as a standout piece throughout any season of the year. Whether they’re contrasted with Yellow Gold or complimented with White Gold, Emeralds always make an unforgettable statement and have a special place in everybody’s collection.

To learn more about Emeralds and the use of these special gems in our designs, contact the boutique and a member of the team will be able to talk you through the intricacies of the gem and set up and appointment to view our emerald pieces.

What To Wear This Winter

13 May 2016

  • Banner image with text "Wow This Winter" showing two images of a woman wearing "Fancy Shape Champagne Diamond Ring" and "Smokey Quartz and Diamond Drop Earrings" in the first and only the "Round Chocolate and White Diamond Ring" in the second for blog titled "What to Wear This Winter"

As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, it’s time to put aside your Summer looks and embrace your Winter wardrobes. This winter season is the perfect opportunity to showcase the medium and dark tones in your jewellery collection.

I love working with coloured gemstones and diamonds, to create the perfect complimentary combination of stone and metal. Rose Gold coloured pieces are always a good idea during Winter as it has a natural ability to compliment coloured gems, has a flattering effect on most skin tones and is becoming increasingly popular.

From the warmth of our Chocolate and Champagne Diamonds, to the deep blue purple hues of a rare Tanzanite gem, there is a piece in our collection to match everyone’s Winter style.

Our exquisite Fancy Shape Champagne Diamond Ring or divine Smokey Quartz And Diamond Drop Earrings, both set in precious 18ct Rose Gold, are perfect examples of the warm tones that you can incorporate into your winter look.

For more information on these or any of our other pieces please contact the boutique.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

6 May 2016

  • Banner image showing a woman writing "Happy mother's day" wearing the "Princess Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring" for the blog post titled "Celebrating Mother's Day"

Mother’s Day is a special day where we recognise the role of all of our Mothers, and those who have been like mothers to us, and their ongoing support and love.

On behalf of myself and the team at the boutique we wish you a happy Mother’s Day spent surrounded by loved ones.

Sharing The Love This Mother’s Day With Element Hair

28 April 2016

  • Banner image with text "Mother's Day with Elemental Hair" showing the "Innocence Collection" necklace in gold, laid out on a box of rose petals for the blog post titled "Sharing The Love This Mother's Day With Elemental Hair"

I’m delighted to announce that the boutique will once again be partnering with our neighbours, Element Hair salon this Mother’s Day.

To celebrate and share the love this Mother’s Day, Element Hair are running a special promotion for the first 50 people to visit the salon for an appointment between the 28th of April and 14th of May. You will be presented with a $150 Matthew Ely gift voucher to put towards your next fine jewellery purchase.

This offer is available to all members of the public and existing clients of the salon. For more information on the competition please visit the Element Hair Facebook page and website for the competition T&C’s for details.

As Featured In The AFR

26 April 2016

  • Banner Image showing the "Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring", "Cushion Cut Heliodor and Diamond Ring" and the "Oval Aquamarine and Diamond Ring" for the blog post titled "As Featured in the AFR"

Recently three of our newest cocktail rings were featured in the Australian Financial Review (AFR), it’s fantastic to see our pieces gaining such widespread recognition.

More about our three newest additions:

Oval Aquamarine and Diamond Ring:


Aquamarine has to be one of my favourite coloured gems to work with. The life and sparkle that comes from a well-cut aquamarine combined with fine white diamonds is incredible. Our inspiration behind this design was based on clean, modern lines with a classic twist.

A diamond set halo is a great addition for a cocktail ring to add size and sparkle and I wanted to create a slightly more modern look with this one, by adding a bold outer edge and tapered points.

Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring:


Introducing our new Art Deco emerald and diamond ring. This bespoke beauty was created with elegance in mind. Crafted in 18ct white gold and set with fine white baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds to highlight the spectacular natural emerald in the centre.

Cushion Cut Heliodor and Diamond Ring:


What I love most about heliodor, or golden beryl as it’s also known, is the vibrant colour and sparkle. It is truly a colour unlike any other gem. This gemstone is from the same family as aquamarine and morganite, also two of my favourite gems to work with and both equally as popular with our clients. Bright, light stones are a great colour choice for an oversized cocktail ring as they often allow the wearer to easily mix and match their new piece in with their current collection.

These new bespoke pieces, and more, can be found in our boutique. For more information or to request a viewing simply contact the boutique and a member of the team will be able to assist.

Creativity and Innovation In Jewellery

22 April 2016

  • Banner image showing a behind the scenes look into the creation of Matthew Ely's competition piece "Chantilly" Image shows original sketches with individual gems laid out on top, for the blog post "Creativity and Innovation In Jewellery"

In recognition of Creativity & Innovation Week I wanted to spend this weeks blog post talking about the incorporation of creativity and innovation in the creation of my Jewellery.
As a designer of jewellery, one of my greatest joys is creating jewellery pieces that are unique and treasured by their owners. For this reason I always take great enjoyment in working with clients to design their own bespoke jewellery piece. To see their personal tastes and characteristics brought to life through creative design with the end result being a personal item that they cherish is something truly special.

I always aim to inspire and develop a design that reflects the clients individuality and draw on inspiration from architecture, art and the natural beauty of each gem when working on bespoke jewellery. My award winning pieces are perhaps the best example of this, often being multifunctional and emphasising the colours and shapes of each gym within a unique design.

Chantilly, my most recent competition piece, was a finalist in the Red Carpet category of the Diamond Guild Australia Award in 2015. Handcrafted in 18ct Rose and White Gold and set with rare Argyle Pink and Blue Diamonds, this piece was designed to be worn as an ‘in between’ the finger ring or transformed and worn as a pendant (as seen in the image below).

If you want to learn more about bespoke jewellery and developing your own unique pieces or refreshing an existing piece, contact the boutique and myself or a member of the team will be able to discuss the processes involved and any ideas you might have.

Jewellery Stacking

14 April 2016

  • Banner image showing a selection of pieces from the Minimal Collection; "Diamond Bar Stud", "Spiked Diamond Ear Cuff" and "Diamond Bar Necklace", and the "Diamond Tennis Bracelet", for the blog post "Jewellery Stacking"

Stacking jewellery pieces is a recent trend that has soared in popularity and one I see all the time with clients. Many clients choose to stack pieces as a way to combine existing pieces with something new or to add extra character to an ensemble. By stacking like this people are able to mix and match various colours, stones, shapes and styles to get a look that is unique. Whether contemplating a minimal stack or one to make a statement the range of options and combinations are endless.

Something we see a lot of in the boutique and an idea that I really appreciate is the addition of stackable pieces to mark a special occasion, such as stack of rings for engagement, wedding and anniversary, or a selection of necklaces or bracelets to commemorate the arrival of each child. This makes each piece that you are stacking sentimental and creates a personalised piece of jewellery that tells your story and captures your special moments.

With our collections, there are no “wrong” ways to stack your jewellery, it’s all a matter of personal taste, however if you need some guidance I recommend:

1. For a simple look, consider going for a few minimal products of the same style such as the selection of studs, cuffs, necklaces and bracelets in my Minimal Collection. This combination of the same gemstones and materials compliment each other and highlight not only the collection as a whole but each individual piece.

2. Alternatively if there’s a statement piece you want to highlight such as an engagement or cocktail ring, then a great way to do this is by stacking it with simpler bands on either side, framing the ring and giving the central ring scale to help make it pop.

3. Looking to add a bit more colour to your stack? One great way to do so is through the use of a combination of minimal pieces of the same style but in different colours, for example stacking the 3 bracelets of different materials from my Minimal Collection

Jewellery Trends

7 April 2016

  • Banner image with text " Rose Gold", showing "Dragonfly Peridot And Diamond Drop Earrings" and "Multi Colour 'Sapphire Slice' Ring". Button links to the Floral peices.

A good piece of jewellery is always considered timeless and there are a range of designs that have grown increasingly popular in recent times. At the moment there are four trends in particular which I really resonate with and that I’ve incorporated into my own work.

First among these is minimalisation, with many high-end designers and celebrities opting for minimal pieces in recent times. What I love about this style is that it can not only be worn on special occasions where it is both elegant and serves to enhance the individual’s features but is equally at home in a more casual setting. My own Minimal Collection was developed with this in mind, designed in a minimal fashion but full of character, with the ability to mix and match pieces from the collection to suit your own style they’re a perfect compliment to any outfit.

Often used to recognise a loved ones name, initials or an important date, monogrammed pieces have also become increasingly popular. My own Innocence Collection, first developed for infants and now extended to ladies, incorporates personalisation by allowing clients to have hand engraved initials added to each piece. Spotted on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne personalised pieces have been increasingly popular in younger clients, particularly as gifts.

The use of rose gold is another style, which has gained increased popularity, and I have recently used rose gold a lot in my own work throughout a number of collections and featured pieces. The versatility of the metal, it’s ability to act as either the signature or complimentary material in a design has seen it incorporated in more and more modern pieces. I personally like to use rose gold for the warmth it brings to a piece of bespoke jewellery and it’s ability to compliment coloured gems. Additional to that is its flattering effect on most skin tones, which has resulted in it becoming a crowd favourite.

Last but not least, my final on trend style to note at the moment is floral themed pieces. More and more we’re seeing the design of intricate pieces that are both elegant and unique. These modern designs make for not only an incredible piece of jewellery, but also a colourful and feminine piece that is full of character. They allow the wearer to express herself and mix up their style, with light fun tones that always remind me of Summer.

To find out more about floral styles, or any of the other styles I’ve just mentioned, feel free to contact myself or the team simply by clicking here and visiting the Contact Us page.

Behind the Scenes with Shop Smart

1 March 2016

  • Behind the scenes with sop smart cover image with the words "behind the scenes of our feature in the Sunday Telegraphs shop smart" with a woman wearing pieces from the minimal collection including the "Spiked studded ear cuff", "five diamond bracelet" and two necklaces from the innocent collection

A few behind the scenes snaps from our recent Shop Smart shoot for The Daily Telegraph. Featuring our ever popular Minimal Collection diamond pieces, and our new Innocence Necklaces.
Thanks for having us along for a fun day!

Romantic Rose Gold

18 February 2016

  • Romantic rose gold - blog cover image featuring the multi coloured sapphire pendent

Like most trends in general, jewellery design moves in swings and roundabouts – something is popular for a while and then another new trend takes it’s place, only for the first trend to come back around in time! Rose gold has proven time and time again that no matter your style, skin tone or current jewels it can be worked into a fine jewellery collection with ease and looks incredible set with most diamonds and gems.

I enjoy designing jewellery with rose gold, whether I’m using it as a fine feature detail in a piece or creating an entire piece in the one metal. More and more of our clients are choosing rose gold, especially for gents wedding bands which is fantastic. I also love combining it in a design predominantely made with white gold or platinum to soften the look and offer a warm tone.

The Innocence Collection Necklace

6 February 2016


This collection first came to life when my wife and I were waiting to welcome our daughter into the world. I wanted to create a personalised memento for not only my child, but for my clients to enjoy too. The response has been incredible and this has lead me to add to the collection with the Innocence Necklace. Designed to be worn by adults, this piece is available in 18ct white yellow and rose gold with a special initial hand carved on the front. Choose your intial, your loved one’s or your childs and wear it close to you everyday.

Personalised pieces of jewellery

5 February 2016


Personalised pieces are not only on trend right now, they are the ultimate gift for your loved one (or yourself) and are the perfect addition to a fine jewellery collection. There’s something truy special about a bespoke piece made especially for you, and adding a personal touch like a hand carved inital can create a lasting memory.

A Bespoke Creation for Nick and Tash

2 February 2016

  • A bespoke creation for Nick and Tash - blog cover image featuring the end creation of an engagement ring

Nick was referred to come and see Lauren by a friend of the boutique, who recommended our services to design a bespoke engagement ring for his fiance to be. After doing his own research online Nick came to us with an idea about what type of diamond he wanted and some inspiration for the design for the ring. Lauren worked closely with Nick, hand selected a range of stones for him to view in the boutique and bought his design concept to life with a hand drawn sketch. As you can see the end result is incredible, and of course she said yes! Congratulations to Nick and Tash on this exciting new chapter. We are so happy to have been invited to help you along the way and look forward to seeing you soon!

“Could not recommend anywhere more highly. The whole team made the entire process an absolute pleasure and the attention to detail to ensure I got the piece I wanted was impeccable. Lauren & Claire; you’re both incredible. Matt: your work is remarkable. Will be hard to keep my now fiancé out of your store.”

Australian Diamonds and Gemstones

25 January 2016

  • Australian Diamonds and Gemstones - blog cover image with text "Argyle Pink Diamonds, Iconicly Australian" featuring the "Radiant Cut Argyle Pink and White Diamond Ring"

Australia produces some of the most rare and unique coloured diamonds in the world, and we are so priveliged to have access to such an incredible variety. I love being able to work with rare Australian pinks, yellows and blues. For my recent competition piece I was supplied with a selection of the most intense Argyle pink and blue diamonds from our good friends at Pink Kimberley. Diamonds aside, we can’t forget to mention the colourful array of gemstones like sapphire, ruby and garnet, all mined here in Oz. I’m proud of our industry here in Australia and also to be associated with talented designers, jewellers and suppliers who continue to support each other and the trade.

Summer Favourites from Matthew Ely

12 January 2016

  • summer favourites from Matthew Ely - blog cover image featuring the "natural fancy coloured diamond ring"

When I think of Summer I immediately think of bright colours, warm nights, outdoor catch ups with family and friends and celebrations. To finish off one of my favourite seasons here is a collecton of my favoutites for those balmy nights.

Reflections of 2015

6 January 2016

  • reflections of 2015 - blog cover image featuring the "Diamond bar necklace" and the "Diamond triangle stud"

After a fantastic break with my family over the holiday season I have had a moment to reflect on the many incredible moments that made up the past year.

I had the privelage to craft some stand out, bespoke pieces for our clients and celebrate love by helping couples create their engagement and wedding rings.

There were many new collections, including ‘Champagne Du Chocolat’, ‘In Bloom’ and our edgy ‘Minimal Collection’, many with inspiration drawn from around the world.

A highlight has to be designing and creating Chantilly for the DGA Awards, This piece in particular was a great challange to craft with all of it’s moving pieces!

We as a team have made some wonderful friends and have cemented lasting relationships with our clients, old and new. And on a personal note, the arrival of my Daughter was the most wonderful gift of all.

Looking back it has been a big year and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store!

Happy Holidays From the Matthew Ely Team

28 December 2015


My team and I would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday season and offer our best wishes for the year ahead. The past year has been incredible and the support that we have received from our wonderful clients, family and friends means the world to us. Here’s to a fantastic 2016!

Must Haves For Christmas

14 December 2015

  • must haves for christmas - blog cover image featuring the "diamond tennis bracelet" and "Floral design diamond cluster studs"

My must haves for Christmas would have to include a classic diamond tennis bracelet or a pair of diamond studs. These are two coveted pieces of jewellery that will compliment any collection and can be worn daily, or saved for special occasions.

Another pick would be a pair of colourful gemstone drop earrings. I’m a big fan of coloured gems, I love sourcing unique shades and pairing them with bright white diamonds to highlight their incredible tones.

Earrings For All Occasions

6 December 2015

  • Earrings for all occasions - blog cover image featuring "smokey quartz and diamond drop earrings"

Summer calls for bright colours and lots of sparkle, and we have a new collection of gemstone and diamond drop earrings available in the boutique, ready to wear for the festive season. Choose from elegant designs showcasing warm tones in rose gold, or cool colours in white gold, set with various precious gems.

Christmas arrives at Matthew Ely

1 December 2015

  • Christmas arrives at Metthew Ely - blog cover image

Christmas has arrived at the boutique! This year we are encouraging you to let your light shine, in whatever way means the most to you. Be it with diamonds or gemstones, maybe a combination of the two.

Choosing The Right Gift For Her

30 November 2015

  • Choosing the right gift for her - blog cover image featuring the "Filigree diamond drop earrings"

Selecting the perfect gift for your loved one at Christmas time can be a little daunting but it doesn’t have to be. My advice is to keep the following three things in mind: her personal style, her lifestyle, and her current jewellery collection.

Choose something that reflects her personal style, which could be modern, classic, colourful, amongst others. Choose something that you know she will get a decent amount of wear from. Either for special occasions, or for every day.

And lastly, it’s a great idea to go for a piece that can be mixed into her current fine jewellery collection. Consider going for something in the same colour metal as her favourite pieces or with similar diamond and gemstone shapes, or setting styles.

The Secret Garden

27 November 2015

  • The secret garden - blog cover image featuring the "Dragonfly Peridot and Diamond Drop Earrings"

Introducing my new earrings ‘Garden ‘Party’. Inspired by sunny Sunday afternoon celebrations with friends and the spring racing season.

I created a relaxed free form drop using a multitude of precious gems and diamonds set in rose gold. A little addition in the way of the fine dragonflies in flight and intricate flowers accentuate the garden look and feel.

Holiday Season Indulgence with Element Hair Woollahra

3 November 2015


The holiday season is the perfect time to spoil yourself and indulge a little. Which is why we have partnered with the team of creative stylists next door at Element Hair to offer a luxury addition to your hair appointment in the lead up to Christmas.

Enjoy a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne and a complimentary clean of your precious jewellery, thanks to my team and I, while you have your appointment next door. Everyone needs a little sparkle up this festive season!

You can also enter your details to go in the draw to win a pair of Autore South Sea Pearl studs valued at $1550. Simpy enter at the salon while you are enjoying your champagne. Best of luck!

Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards 2015

17 October 2015

  • Diamond guild Australia jewellery awards 2015 - blog cover image
    Matthew and his wife Nicole.

What better way to celebrate being named as a finalist in this years Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards than a fantastic night with my family, staff, peers and friends in the industry.

Of course I was hoping for a win, however I’m so happy to be involved and proud that my competition piece ‘Chantilly’ was recognised in the Red Carpet category. These awards are all about innovation in design and I really enjoyed working on this piece and thinking outside the box.

Congratulations to my fellow finalists and winners. It’s a good day when the industry is alive with passion and creativity!

McGrath Foundation 10th Anniversary

12 October 2015

  • McGrath Foundation 10th Anniversary - blog cover image
    Matthew pictured here with McGrath Foundation Co-Founder and President Glenn McGrath, and Foundation Ambassador and Director Tracy Bevan.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a celebration to mark the 10th Anniversary of the McGrath Foundation and the wonderful work that they do.

Held at Kirribilli House and hosted by Priminister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy, the function also gave me the opportunity to catch up with my friend Tracy Bevan. Tracy and I designed a pendant and earrings together last year using pink diamonds, named The Pink Friendship Collection, to raise awarenes and funds for breast cancer research.

I’m very honoured to have been invited and am proud to be able to help and support such a wonderful organisation.

A Bespoke Creation

7 October 2015

  • a bespoke creation - blog cover image featuring the creation of a custom cocktail ring

I recently had the pleasure of designing and crafting a bespoke cocktail ring for a lovely lady who had been referred to me by client of ours.

We had her gemstone re-polished to remove minor abrasions and bring out the incredible deep colour and sparkle of the stone. Highlighting this with finely set white diamonds and an intricate, detailed basket style setting I couldn’t be happier with the end result, and neither could she.

“Matthew Ely was a delight. From the first moment we spoke about the design for my ring, I had absolute confidence in his eye for detail and design. The final product was better than I could have imagined and is testimony to his incredible skill and craftsmanship. He is the consummate professional and lovely to deal with.”

The Creation Of Chantilly

2 October 2015

  • The creation of chantilly - blog cover image featuring the Chantilly ring

Quite a few months ago I started the thought process for my next competition piece. These designs can be quite intricate and involved as there needs to be a strong focus on expressing your style as a designer/jeweller, while impressing the judges with craftsmanship, skill, design and innovation. After winning the fancy colour award in the last DGA Awards the pressure is on! This year I designed and hand crafted a luxury statement piece named Chantilly and have entered her into the Red Carpet division.

The inspiration for this piece came from my desire to create an ‘in between’ the finger ring, and what first started out as just that, now transforms into a pendant. For me it’s all about diversity and jewellery that suits all occasions. I haven’t seen anything quite like this combination or the way I envisioned it being put together and am excited to show it to you all. Chantilly is crafted in rose and white gold, set with rare Argyle pink and blue diamonds and was designed and hand crafted on site at my Woollahra boutique.

Colour is something that I love to work with and I’m thankful to once again have the opportunity to collaborate with my friend Steve Der Bedrossian for the second time in a row. Steve has provided the incredible selection of pink and blue diamonds which have been meticulously set into Chantilly. I hope you enjoy it!

Colours of Spring

21 September 2015

  • colours of spring - blog cover image

Spring is the perfect time to bring your brighter gemstone pieces out of storage and show off some colour. From the deep blue purple hues of Tanzanite to soft peachy Morganite, think ‘boldness’ in terms of both colour or size, depending on your personal style. Coloured gems are my favourite stones to wrk with. I love being able to really bring out the colour or tone in a gem by using different metals and complimentary or contrasting stones.

If you’re new to the coloured gemstone world, a large cocktail ring, statement pendant or drop earrings are the perfect addition for Spring and can be dressed up or down easily with the rest of your collection.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

17 September 2015

  • bespoke engagement rings - blog cover photo featuring the development of an engagement ring

Lately I’ve found myself designing and crafting more and more bespoke engagement rings for the couple who like something a little unique. It’s great to see some personality coming through with these designs!

At the moment engagement rings seem to have steered away from the traditional round solitaire and are moving towards different shaped diamonds like ovals, cushions and marquise, set a little differently between shoulder stones and diamond halos. Even just a little hidden detail in the side of the setting or up underneath it can take a design to the next level.

I’ve also had the pleasure of crafting quite a few coloured gemstone engagement rings recently using aquamarine, sapphire and morganite. Highlighting these gems with incredible white diamonds really brings out the colour intensity and allows them to shine.

Celebrating Our First Year

1 September 2015

  • celebrating our first year - blog cover image of store front

Time flies when you’re having fun! This month we celebrate our first birthday and what a year it’s been.

The decision to open my own boutique in Woollahra was a long time in the making and opening the doors last year was an incredible feeling. I wanted to make sure the look, feel and functionality of the space was perfect and worked closely with the designers and builders to create something special for the area. The community has welcomed us with open arms and we’ve developed lasting relationships with many of the local residents and businesses alike. Having the boutique has given me the opportunity to do more of what I love and am passionate about and I’m very grateful for that.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, I’m excited about what the future holds.

Creating A Piece Of Jewellery

11 August 2015

  • creativity and innovation in jewellery - blog cover image featuring the development of a new ring

When I’m given the opportunity to hand craft a bespoke piece of jewellery for one of our clients I can be known to get a little excited.

From the beginning of the process, which can include sourcing and selecting gemstones and diamonds, to sketching the design, then deciding on the best method to hand craft the piece and getting to work at the bench. It’s all part of an amazing journey. Sometimes a design can take over 24 hours to make by hand as each individual section must be just so. I like to take the time to really work with our clients and help guide them and their ideas to create a piece that they will truly treasure.

Fleur De La Couleur Collection

10 August 2015

  • Fleur de couleur collection - blog cover image featuring the collection

I love working with colour, it’s always exciting and inspiring when coloured gems and diamonds arrive at my workbench. This new collection was about celebrating and exploring coloured diamonds and the multitude of hues that they come in.

Sourced from around the world, I opted for pinks, yellows, grey, black and an incredible, natural green cushion cut diamond. This stone is not something that you see everyday so this design had to be extra special! I used a hint of green gold to really highlight the colour of this diamond, and I’m thrilled with how the design really came to life.

The Minimal Collection

19 July 2015

  • Fleur de couleur collection - blog cover image featuring a woman wearing the minimal ear cuffs

My team and I decided to fill a gap in the market for luxe, yet affordable fine diamond jewellery for the modern woman to ‘mix and match’ and suit her personality. The goal was to create minimalistic pieces, which catch the eye and can be worn every day. We have called it The Minimal Collection, and I intend to add to it throughout the year.

The first release of this new collection is comprised of single, multi shaped fine diamond set studs, with the option to combine them any which way and create a look that compliments your own personal style. I also created a diamond set bar necklace, and fine chains with bezel set diamonds throughout to adorn the wrists. The beauty of it is that you can wear one, piece or layer several for a completely different look. I hope you enjoy!

Pearls of Wisdom

23 June 2015

  • pearls of wisdom - blog cover image featuring "pearl and diamond studs" links to pear collection

Todays South Sea Pearls are as close to natural as can be. Long ago they were considered to be a miracle of nature, found sporadically. Now due to popular demand a culturing process has been developed to ensure that this beautiful, organic gem continues to thrive. The culturing process still involves live oysters in the ocean, very similar to the way nature intended. Most pearls can spend approximately 2 years being created deep down in the ocean. They are then harvested by divers, cleaned, sorted and make into stunning pieces of jewellery.

Shape, colour, lustre and size can vary greatly from pearl to pearl which is why a perfectly round strand of pearls has such a high value. Imagine trying to create that perfect strand, it can take years! Be sure to care correctly for your pearls and store them away from other pieces in your collection. They are a natural gem and require a little more attention that others.

Colours In Bloom

2 June 2015

  • colours in bloom - blog cover image featuring and links to the in bloom collection

Gemstones are one of my true passions. I love the process of sourcing them, working at the bench with them and the lift of colour that they give to an already incredible piece of jewellery. I have intentionally designed this new collection with a range of gems to showcase the variety of colours available in different types of stones. Ranging from rare Tanzanite, to Heliodor and fine yellow Sapphires. I hope you enjoy it.

Men’s Style – Men of Influence

28 May 2015

  • Mens style - men of influence - blog cover image

This week I had the pleasure of attending a gala dinner here in Sydney, held by Men’s Style, which was an incredible event. I’m very honoured to have been named as one of Australia’s ‘Men of Influence’, along side some very talented and entrepreneurial gents. Thank you for the mention Men’s Style, and to MJ Bale for taking good care of me (as always) when I came to select my suit for the evening.

Innocence Collection

15 May 2015

  • innocence collection - blog cover image featuring the "INNOCENCE NECKLACE IN ROSE GOLD"

Next month my wife and I will be welcoming our first child into the family and my approaching fatherhood has inspired me to create a bespoke baby bracelet collection. I believe that major milestones in life should be celebrated and for that reason, as well as creating something special for my own baby, I wanted to make this personalized memento available for my clients to enjoy. Each baby bracelet has the baby’s initial hand carved into the gold and reveals a hidden diamond underneath for a little luxury. Something they can keep forever.

Creating the ‘Champagne Du Chocolat’ Collection

28 April 2015


There’s something beautiful about Chocolate Diamonds. Apart from the fact that they are Australian, they exhibit a warm glow and come alive when paired with whites. During the creative process for this new collection I wanted to highlight the smooth tones of the chocolate and champagne diamonds with rose gold, and give a contrast with white gold and white diamonds. The collection includes a selection of more extravagant pieces, complimented by more affordable, every day designs. I hope you enjoy it.

Diamonds Through The Ages

10 April 2015

  • DIAMONDS THROUGH THE AGES - blog cover image

Richard Burton once said – ‘Liz only knows one word of Italian and that’s Bulgari’. Audrey Hepburn was quoted as saying that she was mad about Tiffany’s. Diamonds have long been a favourite of leading ladies around the world, especially with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn leading the way. The value of their collections alone would no doubt compete with today’s high jewellery houses. I love their passion for fine jewellery and strive to see the same reaction and excitement from my clients when I present them with their pieces.

Gemstone – Aquamarine

20 March 2015

  • Gemstone - aquamarine - blog cover image with text "cut of the blue" featuring "Princess Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Ring" , "Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant" and "Oval Aquamarine and Diamond Drop Earrings"

Aquamarine is one of the most coveted gemstones amongst jewellery lovers, both today and for many years gone by. I love designing and working with it because of it’s liquid blue colour and the contrast it presents when paired with fine white diamonds. The best gem quality stones are clear of imperfections and often exhibit a slight green hue amongst the icey blue tones, making it quite a unique colour gem.

OSCARS 2015 Red Carpet Jewellery

25 February 2015

OSCAR 2015 red carpet jewellry - blog cover image with text "OSCARs Jewellery

This years Oscars certainly stepped it up in the high jewellery stakes. My stand outs from the 2015 Oscars red carpet were Scarlett Johansson in a striking emerald necklet and miss matched emerald and diamond earrings. I like the quirkyness of it all! Gwyneth pushed the boudaries with her incredible (and sizable) gemstone drops and Australian Actress Margot Robbie let her Van Cleef and Arpels zipper necklace do all the talking on the red carpet.

How To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

10 February 2015

  • How to choose the perfect engagement ring- blog cover image featuring the "twin halo princess cut diamond engagement ring"

With February being known as the ‘month of love’ I thought now would be great timing to share some of my tips that will help you select the perfect engagement ring. Three important things to keep in mind are your personal style, practicality, and of course the price.

Personal Style – always be guided by what you are drawn to and you will continue to love the piece forever. Steer clear of ‘fashionable’ designs or gimmicks as these things come and go quickly, and in my experience classic with a personal touch is always best. Try on a number of different designs as they often look different on the hand versus in photos or online.

Practicality – It’s a good idea to consider your lifestyle when choosing your engagement ring. There are certain design features and setting styles that will be more robust than others and depending on things like your work, activity level or what you may be doing while wearing the ring I like to take that into account during the design and manufacturing process.

Price – this really comes down to what you feel comfortable with. Gone are the days when the amount spent on an engagement ring was governed by a specified dollar figure like monthly earnings! It’s all about ensuring that we listen to you throughout the process and make suggestions or recommendations based on what is important to you. We offer our clients the best quality product to suit the price range that they feel comfortable with.

The Creation of Grace

20 January 2015

the creation of grace - blog cover image with text "grace" featuring a past competition piece called 'grace'

Grace was created as a competition piece a few years ago, and I’m proud to say that she won her category for pearl design.

During the conceptual stage of design I knew that I wanted to create a pearl piece suitable for the young at heart. Pearls are synonimous with a more mature lady’s collection of jewellery, something you may find in your grandmother’s jewellery box, but I wanted to buck the trend a little and open these incredible natural gems up to a younger crowd. The idea was to make something modern, and create a piece that could be worn various ways and appreciated from different angles.

Grace can be worn as a ring, or have a long chain looped through the centre to be worn as a pendant, where her intricate detail really shines. The slightly button shaped south sea pearl sourced for this piece has pink overtones and to compliment this I selected delicate cabachon rubies, and pink diamonds. I love working with rose and white gold together and these gems gave me that opportunity. I like to think that Grace’s style is adventurous yet classic.

Official Boutique Launch

13 December 2014

  • image of official launch ft. Matthew Ely

This month we held a celebration to mark the opening of my Woollahra boutique with a VIP evening at M. Contemporary Gallery across the road from the boutique. A collection of my jewellery was showcased, along with featured artists work, which made for a fantastic backdrop. We celebrated with friends, old and new, and introduced everyone to my passion for jewellery. Thank you to those who attended and helped to make it such a memorable occasion.

Chiswick Media Launch

20 November 2014

  • CHISWICK MEDIA LAUNCH - blog cover image

I had the pleasure of dining with a select group of Sydney’s elite media personalities and introduce them to my passion for jewellery. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Chiswick Restaurant and my guests were able to try on some of my handcrafted pieces and competition winning designs. Thanks to those who attended and made it a fantastic event.

Pink October

10 October 2014

  • pink october - blog cover image featuring the pink friendship pendant

This month I had the privilege of co-designing a pink diamond collection with Tracy Bevan, Ambassador and Director of the McGrath Foundation. The Friendship Collection is comprised of this stunning pendant set with a rare Argyle Pink diamond from our friends at Pink Kimberley Australia, and a matching pair of pink and white diamond earrings. I will be donating 50% of the proceeds of this piece to the McGrath Foundation in support of breast cancer awareness. Please email with expressions of interest.

Coloured Gemstones

2 September 2014

coloured gemstones - blog cover image featuring a variety of coloured gems

Woollahra is stepping into spring with brightly coloured gemstones this month. Colour in jewellery is a big passion of mine; I believe a piece can truly come to life when a pop of colour is added as it provides instant inspiration.

Travelling for Gemstones

13 August 2014

  • travelling for gemstones - blog cover image featuring a diagonal view of the rose bijou

One of the best parts of my profession is being able to travel the world in search of the perfect gemstone for my creations. Be it for my client’s special, bespoke pieces or competition creations like Rose Bijou.

This Rubellite was the perfect gemstone to give me inspiration for a competition piece and I’m happy to say that Rose Bijou won the Creative Design Award at the Showcase International Design Awards 2011. Sometimes all it takes is the right stone!