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Matthew Ely grew up in a little town west of Sydney. His family owned a well-established jewellery business in Penrith, where he grew up within his father’s boutique surrounded by precious stones. At the age of 12 Matthew wrote an application to his parents asking for a position within the store.

Advancing quickly to sales assistant, this role fostered his interest and passion for the jewellery trade. His father made him trial other trades – such as engineering – before letting him settle on the jewellery profession. It was the interaction with clients in the family boutique rather than the materials that first developed his initial love for design.

Within his first year of TAFE Matthew won World Skills. He won in New South Wales and came 3rd in Australia. Hence, the school recognised him as a young talent and his passion himself among the top jewellers in Australia. “I have set my standards very high and have dreams of making some of the most beautiful jewellery in the world. Since arriving back in Australia I have literally hit the ground running.”- Matthew Ely Matthew quickly accumulated his own following of clients with an appreciation for handcrafted bespoke luxury design.